Todd Haley Hatred

I visited another site yesterday outside of BTBS which I will not name here as they are not worth the visit as their writers(one in particular) are just not very good. The article was a hate article directed at Todd Haley. I have seen many of these over the last few months and could even say over the last few years since Haley has come on board with the Black N Gold. Most of these hate articles are not even articles but comments by fans to articles that describe what is wrong with the Steelers. I want to say up front, right now, I support Haley and think he is a good, if not great offensive coordinator.

I could go into statistics and Haley's coaching history to show why that I support him and feel the way I do about his being the Steelers offensive coordinator. One thing that I have learned about some of you in Steeler Nation though, is that no matter how rational of an argument that is produced and put in black and white for you to see, if your mind is made up that you don't like someone, there is no changing that. I could say that I admire your convictions for "sticking to your guns" but that would be me lying to you. If someone thinks that the square root of 4 is 1 and I prove to them that this is not the case, then if they are "sticking to their guns", they would just be labeled as dumb at that point. Am I correct? So you see that I can't admire someone for sticking to their convictions when they have been presented facts to back up the hypothesis but they still want to deny it.

Said writer of the unnamed website yesterday decided to debate me as to why chuck n duck BA was better than Todd Haley. He would pluck random stats that fit his argument and present these to me. I mentioned to him, that he may want to start worrying about the defense causing us to miss the playoffs and not worry so much about the offense. I presented the following statistics:

Haley-2013 pts scored 379 pts allowed 370 point differential 9

Haley-2012 pts scored 336 pts allowed 314 point differental 22

Arians-2011 pts scored 325 pts allowed 227 point differential 98

Arians-2010 pts scored 375 pts allowed 232 point differential 143

To me, it doesn't take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure out the issue when presented with these statistics. This gentleman's response was, keep in mind, he is the co-editor of this site: 375 is greater than 336. Ok. I was speechless for a bit after his response. I mean how do you respond to a response that moronic. 375 is greater than 336 but most people would be able to see what I am trying to point out with these statistics. And the site in question is looking for writers too!

I understand that there are going to be people that read this that will not agree with me or fall in the hate Haley category. I am more than anxious to here why the Haley hate? Please back it up.

Feel better getting that off my chest!

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