Comparing the 49ers and steelers dynasties

I got bored so I decided to make a post irrelevant to the offseason norm by comparing two of the greatest SB dynasties in NFL history. Obviously we can never know who was better since they played in different times but I just wanted to make my case.

I am making my case on why the steelers era in the 70s was the greatest era of time for one team in NFL history. My first point is people's misunderstanding of the dynasties. One assumption people like to make is that the Steve Young led 49ers are "part of the dynasty" when they won in 1994 and that the 49ers included five SBs. I think this one shouldn't count because the team was very different. Different QB, HC, and it took them five years to get back.

The general idea of the 49ers of the 80s is they were "of the 80s". I don't see the point in counting one from the 90s.

So it is four SBs vs four SBs. It's Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw vs Bill Walsh and Joe Montanna. Not Chuck Noll and Terry bradshaw vs George Seifert and Steve Young too as starters too.

Wins: From 1972 to 1980 in the reg season the steelers went









88 wins

The 49ers went from 1981 to 1989










98 wins

The 49ers have an unfair advantage in wins due to the steelers dynasty taking place mainly in the 14 game era. In order to level the playing field, I judged the steelers knowing that they were a dynasty so I gave them an edge knowing that since the steelers were the best team of the 70s and on a paper idea of them would be whoever those two teams they would play would be, the steelers would have the edge( ex: 11-3 becomes 13-3). When one looks at it this way, the steelers level up to the 49ers and barely pass them with 100 wins. It should also be noted that I gave the steelers eight years and the 49ers nine( marking when they're dominance began). The steelers crossed the 49ers despite having less time.


While in some selections the 49ers have GOATs( there are those saying the greatest QB, WR, and DB are all 49ers). But as a whole it's not even close.

The 49ers had five HOF players and coaches for the majority of the 80s. The steelers had ten. It's not even debatable.

Not to mention the steelers had some GOATS. Joe Greene for DT, jack ham for 4-3 OLB, Mike Webster for center, and jack lambert for MLB.


Its really a battle between the guys who played it better than anyone else vs guys who changed the game. In my opinion I think in this case it should come down to people who just simply played it better. Did the 49ers dominate because they were as talented as anyone else or because no one had ever seen the west coast offense before and the 49ers beat them with tricks? It's a big reason why I think the 85 bears are overrated compared to the 70s steelers or Lombardi packers. That 46 defense was never as good after 85 because people figured it out. Looking back at Bill Walsh, people think he a GOAT because of his schemes. But four SBs are four SBs.

Emperors are emperors.

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