Combine Predictions

Every year, the combine makes or breaks players' draft dreams. Some players rise dramatically and some completely fall off the map (See Burfict). Here are some predictions about how players' draft stock will rise or fall based on their combine performance. Please post any scenarios you see playing out, or address any players I haven't covered. I'll only be making predictions on players that could see significant movement.


- Hageman - With a strong combine showing, which is expected, he could move into the top 10-15 picks. He is currently being mocked late in the 1st or even in the 2nd round. He could move like Poe did a couple years ago.

-Dennard - His biggest question is a fast 40 time. If he clocks in faster than expected, he could easily be picked in the first half of the first round rather than the end of it.

- Kyle Fuller - If he surprises in the 40 time he could move up a lot, there's plenty of CB talent currently being mocked at the top of the 2nd round, and the corner with the best speed could be the one moving up.

- Dee Ford - He had an amazing showing at the senior bowl, but still lacks in critical skills for an OLB, mainly coverage. If he is able to show that he is more than just a speed rusher, then he could easily move into the middle of the 1st round. Currently mocked in the 2nd or end of the 1st.

- Big CBs - Antone Exum, Pierre Desir, Stanley Jean-Baptiste - All 3 CBs are bigger and are similar in size to the Seahawks secondary. Teams like to emulate the current "team to beat" so if these CBs grade well at the combine they could fly up the draft boards with teams reaching based on potential.

- Marquise Lee - If he is able to pull off a dream combine (Fast 40 time and good hands during drills) it could be possible that he passes Watkins depending on the team drafting. He is a polished talent and has good speed, and could possibly run faster than Watkins, at least based on past 40 times.


- Austin Seferian-Jenkins - He's the tallest and biggest of the top 3 TEs. If he manages to outperform Ebron and Amaro at the combine he could easily move into the 1st round, even though his best season was 2012.

- Mike Evans - Maturity and Speed. These are two of the main questions about Evans, and both will be answered at the combine through the interviews and 40 yard dash. A bad showing in either the interviews or dash could result in him falling down boards and other big receivers rising in his place (Benjamin).

- OT - There are currently 5 offensive tackles that could/probably will be selected in the 1st round. There's 3-4 others that play more than one position and could also move up into the 1st round. The combine will be key to determining which players rise above one another. Arm length, agility, and strength will be key and right now it looks like Robinson from Auburn will be the 1st OT off the board. Matthews has fallen in standing a bit since the mocks began in force due to Robinson's perceived potential. If Jake can grade out as the top OT at the combine, he can again secure his place in the top 5.

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