Pre-combine Mock Draft

First and foremost, as a basis I want to say that I can only work with the facts(little at this time), my own personal logic and.... events I suspect to be highly likely. For example I believe we will have our comp. 7th round pick taken away for Coach Tomlin's antics on special teams. I also am presuming that Ryan Clark is "retiring", Ike reworks his contract (takes less money), we restructure Timmons, extend Ben, and cut Woodley.

There are a few things I think are likely but im not counting on them, such as....signing a stop gap safety and spending a little money on a Defensive lineman, not big money but the actions I outlined in the above paragraph really frees up a good amount of cap space. Also Hood or the Beard come back for one more year.

Pertaining to the draft, I think the needs of the teams ahead of us combined with the top talent that is sexy and available 1-14 (QBs, pass rushers, WR, and CB) bodes well for the Steelers. This is a deep draft and the Steelers are always going for the best talent available whether its to build future depth of for immediate need talent outweighs almost everything. Plus a deep talent pool means less need to jump up. I think the Sammy Watkins is the only play the steelers think is worth moving up for, thats just me though.

So with that knowledge, read at your own risk and fire away.

1. S Calvin Pryor- Most first round defensive players dont start for the Steelers but Pryor could unseat Shamarko by week 1. would replace Troy in a year or 2. The kid is lanky, rangy, fast and is the hardest hitter in this draft and a good form tackler. Game changing hits. He hit 3 players in 3 different games this year, cleaned their clock, all of them could not return in each of their games (Im going to let you know I am a Louisville fan and I tried to put that bias aside but all year, every game all i could think was this kid is a Steeler, no doubt. ...and he will prove to be a freak at the combine). He will be the best player available.

2. TE Austin Sefarian-Jenkins- former basketball player, 6'6" 260lb. He uses body really well. He can high point the ball. This Washington Husky has a DUI (surprise) and that is one of the biggest concerns with him. I see him projected high second round but with so much available he is a real option and if we by chance traded down a few picks in round one to move up in 2 or 3 this could still be possible (as would Pryor a few picks later in round 1) We need talent at TE.

3.comp CB- Loucheiz Purifoy- 6' 190lb corner with speed. Very athletic Florida defender. Junior, little immature could use a year under Ike but has potential to be a high end #2 or a solid #1 CB. Will be a great special teams player off the bat. Blocks punts, forces fumbles. 2nd team all SEC.

4. WR- Martavis Bryant- 6' 5" 200lb The other Clemson receiver not named Sammy Watkins. Fast for how tall he really Clemson all time leader in yards. Uses his hands to catch. He really could be a steal and most definitely brings the height Ben has been clamoring for since Plax left. This could be a poor mans Plax.

5.145 OLB Shaquil Barrett- 6'2" 250lb- Was one of the nations leaders in sacks...this is a comfort pick with value and talent. Its a comfort pick because he was under new coach Joey Porter's tutelage at CSU. Joey Porter knows this kid and what he is capable of. If he thinks highly of him have no doubt this will be the pick. OLB is a position we need to reload with depth.

5.comp RB- Antonio Andrews- 6' 220lb In 2013, he ran for 1,730 yards for Westen Kentucky, for Bobby Petrino. Ran for a league-best 16 touchdowns, leading the SBC in scoring. He finished the regular season with the nation's longest active streak of 100+ yard all-purpose games (25), second longest 100-yard rushing game streak (11) and set school records for 100 yard games in a season (11), career (21), and was a semifinalist for the Doak Walker Award, given to the nation's top running back - the only semifinalist from a Non-AQ conference.

6. DE Will Clarke- The hometown pick. He may slip in a very deep draft. Long athletic for size. Uses strong hands really well. Clarke is someone to develop but the upside is huge ....Good showing in shrine game helped get him noticed. There is also the chance he isnt available in round 6 after the combine is real because he is a freak and the combine may really help him.

7. OT Wesley Johnson- 6'5" 300 First team all SEC at Vandy. Versatile tackle that would add depth to the line. Maybe push Beechum or Adams in practice. Technician.

There it is. Thanks for reading. Thoughts? ....

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