Could 4 OT's go Top 15? Observations from Saturday's Combine

Watching the "big uglies" (Offensive Linemen) run around in spandex is something only true draft junkies can enjoy. Here are some of my thoughts about the OL this year...

I think the top 4 OTs will be in high demand because, after that, there looks to be a pretty big dropoff. Robinson, Matthews, Lewan, and Martin are the cream of the crop.

Greg Robinson was impressive and I think he may have closed the gap on Jake Matthews and could very well have passed him. While he's still a bit raw, he has all the things NFL teams covet in a LT (size, strength, agility, quickness/speed, long arms, and natural athletic ability). You could make a case for him at #1 overall, but he is certainly a Top 10 lock, and likely Top 5.

Matthews neither helped nor hurt himself. His bench was unimpressive (24 reps with 33 3/8" arms vs. Robinson 32 reps with 35" arms), but he looked good in the other drills.

Taylor (, uh) Lewan probably helped himself about as much as anyone with that blazing 4.87 at 309 lbs. and his agility in the drills, to go with 29 reps and a 30.5" vert. Teams looking for a LT who miss out on Robinson and Matthews will target Lewan (and some may even have him rated right up there with those two). He looks like a Top 15 lock at this point.

Zack Martin at 6'4" 308 with 33" arms is right at that "tweener" point where some teams may like him more on the interior than at OT, but as Mayock was saying, some feel he can play anwhere along the line in the NFL (including C). That adds to his value, as teams like versatile OL. He looked smooth in the drills and even though he didn't run the forty, it really doesn't matter. He's a 1st round lock, and a darkhorse to go Top 15.

Cyrus Kuoandjio was thought of as a 1st round possibility, but his poor showing at the combine along with not passing the physical hurt his stock. He will need an impressive pro-day to get his stock back up.

Antonio Richardson showed impressive strength (36 reps with 35" arms) but looked stiff and somewhat slow in the drills. He looks more like a RT prospect only, which will likely keep him in the 2nd round.

Xavier Sua-Filo probably solidified himself as the top pure OG with a strong showing of speed and agility in the drills. He looks like a nice late 1st round pick.

How about those TEs?

Even though Eric Ebron didn't do the drills, I think he's firmly entrenched as the #1 TE. The official 4.6 was really about what should have been expected based on his tape. He looks fast on tape but not WR fast like Vernon Davis was. The 24 reps on the bench was fine, even if some thought he might put up closer to 30. He still looks like a mid-1st type...especially if he has a strong pro day.

Jace Amaro was a bit of a mixed bag. He was stronger than some expected, I think, with the 28 reps, but his official 4.74 was a bit slower than expected. He wasn't bad but wasn't good in the drills, so I think he probably will stay about where he was for most teams. Some will like him and others won't see him as a great fit. He looks like a good fit for the Pats in the late 1st, though.

ASF (Safarian-Jenkins) was probably hurt the worst by not running or performing any of the drills to go along with his unimpressive bench (20 reps) and his lower than expected weight of 262. I think there will be much speculation about his speed (think Jarvis Jones territory). Given those off-field and character issues, ASF's stock could tumble a bit...possibly out of the 2nd, unless he comes back with a very strong pro day.

Troy Niklas didn't run the forty, but I'm not sure if anyone expected him to be fast anyway. He had a good bench of 27 reps with over 34" arms and had a 32" vert. I think he took ASF's spot at #3.

CJ Fiedorowicz wasn't impressive but was solid with an official 4.76 forty and 25 reps, plus he was the top shuttle and cone performer. There will be some teams who see him as a poor man's Heath. Could the Steelers see him that way too?

Crockett Gilmore helped himself with the pass catching drills and the 33" vert. However, his slow official 4.89 forty likely hurt his chances of teams thinking of him as a downfield threat. He looks more like a possession TE/red zone guy which still will draw interest.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to see what the "divas" (WRs) are going to do with their day at the Combine..

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