Why the Steelers could(should) have the most HOFers by a large margin soon.

It's funny that the hall of fame voters committee complains that there are too many Steelers in the hall of fame even though the bears and the packers have more.

The Chicago bears have 27 hall of famers.

The Green Bay Packers have 22 hall of famers.

And the steelers have 20. But despite the hall of fame bias towards the Steelers, there's no doubt that a lot of the steelers snubs will get into the hall of fame. The fact that Jack Butler and Dave Robinson had to wait as long as they did shows this. Either the biased voters will Croak or get their heads out of their rear ends. And a recent decline in the packer and bear future hall of famers could help the steelers reach the top.

When I look at the packers and bears there's only a few guys I could say are guaranteed to get in or are just snubs who will eventually get in.

Brett Favre, Jerry Kramer, Charles Woodson, and Aaron Rodgers come to mind for Green Bay. Perhaps Donald Driver or Sterling Sharpe( though I doubt it due to Sharpes short career).

And let me be honest when I say this, I think a lot of the packers are in their for the sake of being packers. You could be the equipment manager during the Lombardi era and you'd get in. It's a shame that a guy like Ray Nitschke gets in instantly but Dave Robinson has to wait for a half a century. I know pro bowls don't mean that much but for god sakes, Nitschke had one pro bowl and he's considered one of the greatest ever? I think his fear factor had more to do with it than his actual play. I'm not saying he shouldn't be in the HOF but I would take Robinson over him.

And furthermore, why does everyone say that the Steelers of the 70s was the greatest dynasty era ever yet the Lombardi Packers have more HOFers? Put your money where your mouth is. It's another case of the Lombardi curse.

As for the bears. Despite having the most HOFers in NFL history the bears seem to have hit a roadblock. One could make a case for one or two more guys from 85 making it but beyond that, the only people that come to mind for me are Brian Urlacher, Charles Tillman, Lance Briggs and Devin Hester( IMO opinion, I don't care if he is just a returner cause he's perhaps the greatest returner ever). Maybe Robbie Gould.

Now for the steelers. The Steelers would easily take the lead if you just took modern steelers from the 2000s.

Ben Roethlisberger.

Troy Polamalu.

Hines Ward.

^These guys will get in. First ballot most likely but they will get in. These are the guys people will look to when they think of the steelers of the 2000s.

Jerome Bettis has been disrespected again by yet again not making the final cut and it's a shame. But a guy with more yards than anyone but five guys can and will get in.

Alan Faneca is perhaps the greatest guard in steeler history. Walter Jones was considered the most obvious pick of the recent HOF class and one could make the argument Faneca was equal if not better with the same amount of pro bowls as Jones and a SB ring.

Some other modern steelers include Casey Hampton and James Harrison however if these guys do get into the hall of fame, I worry if they will suffer the same fate as Robinson by having to wait half a century.

Outside the modern steelers, the list is still big.

Steeler fans should have boycotted the HOF when they realized that LC Greenwood wouldn't live to see his name immortalized. LC Greenwood is the greatest Defensive end the steelers have ever had period. A great shame was brought on Canton when they left this mans name out. Greenwood will get in but pray it doesn't take as long as it did for Butler.

Other players include Carnell Lake, Kevin Greene, and Donnie Shell.

Carnell Lake went to five pbs and was on the 90s all decade team. He does have a chance but it's a question mark.

Kevin Greene is third all time in sacks. He will most likely get in but some think he shouldn't due to the idea that he was just a sack specialist. I'm sorry but third all time is third all time. When the only people that have more are Reggie White and Bruce smith then you should be in canton. You should be in Canton just based on those sacks alone. For god sakes the guy has more sacks than Lawrence Taylor!

If not for Troy being Troy, one could say Donnie Shell is the greatest safety in steeler history. That's got a mean something.

In a few years, the steelers HOF numbers could dominate the nearest other franchises . But of course when you have a committee where Larry Allen, Dermontti Dawson, and Cris Carter have to wait but Warren Sapp gets first ballout, a lot of stupid things can happen.

PS. The lists are of players who spent a substantial number of years with their teams. No one or two year guys.

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