6 reasons DeMarcus Ware should want to sign with the Steelers

Tom Pennington

Some are direct messages to DeMarcus Ware, some are generally directed, but all of them are rock-solid and incontrovertible (sort of). DeMarcus Ware should take a few bucks less and come to Pittsburgh.

1. Outside linebackers were badasses in Pittsburgh long before they were in Dallas

When Ware's name starts coming up as a Hall of Fame candidate (as it should), he has the opportunity to sign with the Mecca of Outside Linebackers. Plus, the added benefit of being able to wear the same uniform as one of his rivals for Best 3-4 OLB of his Generation, James Harrison, he can perform at a high level in Harrison's backyard.

2. Kevin Greene revitalized his career in Pittsburgh

He was a Rams castoff, dominated in Pittsburgh and became one of the first free agents for his position. He finished a strong career with the Carolina Panthers as well - all the while, though, he's known for his time in Pittsburgh. Ware could easily compete for the prestigious "best Steelers free agent signing of all time."

3. Money isn't everything

It isn't, DeMarcus. People say it all the time, so it must be true. Besides, Uncle Jerry's been paying you a ton for a long time. Come play with a franchise that can ACTUALLY win (maybe), instead of putting up with a schizophrenic defense and a quarterback who can't help wrapping his hands around his throat with the game on the line. And get this: Romo makes more than Roethlisberger does.

4. Ware will be worshipped in Pittsburgh

There wouldn't be a more popular player on the team in the city. Rinkside tickets to the Pens? Free, all the time. Rides to and from wherever he'd want to go? No problem? Traffic annoys him? The roads probably can be cleared out whenever he's around, or some kind of police escort. This isn't impossible. We can work with this.

5. Two words: Dick LeBeau

This man has made absolute forces of nature with far less talent than Ware has. Free agent outside linebackers that sign with the Steelers usually have "...and special teams player" after their position. Ware could come in and contribute in a variety of different packages, creating something the Steelers defense hasn't had since James Farrior was fast; versatility. With the varying specialty skill in their inside unit and pass rushing havoc through a rotation of three players (two of them available to stunt as well), it'd be Blitzburgh 3.0.

6. Steelers veterans don't practice if they don't want to

Let's be honest, that's going to be in Ware's list of wants in his new employer. All Tomlin has to say is "you can take Wednesdays off, we're aware of his birth certificate defect, and we're cool with it. You just get to meetings, make sure you know who's supposed to get out of your way on Sundays, and be there on time.

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