Demarcus Ware is one of the few moves we need to make now! and a mock following recent signings

In general we can infer the depth chart and we all have what we consider to be our priorities as fans...hahaha. Now that free agency has started and we have already signed 1 quality starter(Mitchell) and have kicked the tires on a few more its time to think how to approach this very deep draft.

Whether its smoke screens or recon work they are looking at free agents...and I say one of the best signing the Steelers could make would be to sign Demarcus Ware. I know our fearless leader Neal thinks so.

Sure I think the Steelers could fill some holes with a bruising RB(Michael Bush), and a stop gap corner (Captain).... Its just that Demarcus Ware could come relatively cheap this year with a show me contract +incentives and could really help the Steelers find a pass rush while Jarvis finds his groove. Ware wants hardware and a few stop gaps a great draft can propel us during Ben's window (4 years). The stop gap corner gives us depth and a safety net to not sell out and draft corner no matter what in round 1. Which is important. I want to propose this scenario that i described above, stop gap corner and all and take you through a very realistic very tactical draft that hits or fills most needs with based on a fairly realistic trade.

Lets outline the needs after our hypothetical signings. NT(to move Mcclendon to DE and do 2 birds with 1 stone), CB (for future Ike is gone next year and sub packages now), WR(tall, Ben wants one, red zone), TE(heaths not young Speath is a stop gap), RB(change of pace), ILB (in case V Williams doesnt pan out), OT, and FS.

Second what is the trade and who with..... as i see it the Browns are going all out this year. involved in every rumor, trying to become relevant. with our good business trade with them last year in the 3rd round its obious Mr. Haslam isnt afraid to deal with the Steelers. The Browns have many picks from trading in past drafts, which makes this more realistic.

They want talent now...soooo...I think they may want to jump up to our 15 to have 2 top 15 picks. Pick 15 is worth 1050pts. They have pick 26 in round 1 and 35 in round 2. those are 700 and 550 respectively. Its a little over but the team normally giving up the high pick asks for more so it is about right.

That gives the Steelers pick 1.26.....2.35......2.46....thats 3 top 50 picks... we would only have gotten 2 without the trade. the rest of our picks would remain the same........................ without further ado....

1(26)K Benjamin WR FSU 6'5" 240lb Freaky size freaky speed, huge range, really has potential to be the future of the position. high ceiling. sometimes seems out of it. easy drops but totally worth pick 26

2(35)Louis Nix NT Notre Dame 6'2" 330lb best NT prospect in years. Casey Hampton 2.0. Huge and can move, good hands. You find him in the backfield a lot. Lock up the D line for years

2(46)P Desir CB Lindenwood 6'1" 200lb hot prospect from small school but gets mocked to the Steelers like 80% of the time. Much like cortez, fine athlete only played inferior competition, very high ceiling

3 CJ Fiedorowicz TE Iowa 6'6" 245lb Well rounded TE, can find the soft spot in a zone and is a notable blocker. red zone threat. Fairly versatile

4 A Jackson ILB WKU 6'1" 255lb Big run stuff that forces fumbles and plays gaps well. Good athlete.

5 D Archer RB Kent St the combine winner not named Clowney. Serious speed though. Haley loves these types

5 S Barrett OLB CSU Joey Porters Kid, we are taking him get use to it. has potential and joey knows how the kid works. pure pass rusher

6 D Hawkins OT Texas Came to Texas as a JUCO started both his years there. All conference selection. Good size and durability

I think we may have our 7th round picks taken so im not filling them out. I hope you find talking points in my delusional article. Thanks for reading. HERE WE GO

I think that makes our future depth and talent "flourishing" again...its like we can play catch up and mortgage some of the future knowing the cap raises a lot the next 2 years. The Steelers are in a better place than most realize and the long in the tooth crap is about to end. Get excited!

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