New Guy/Mock Draft

Long time reader and first time poster on BTSC. I live in Portland, Oregon which, as you can imagine is primarily occupied by San Fran fans and Seahawks fans (talk about Egos..). While it is hard to deny how impressed I have been with both of the franchises over the past few years, I am far more interested in my Steelers and their return to glory. Finding fans of the Burgh in Portland to talk ball with isn't the easiest so I'm lookin forward to future posts and conversations with fellow fans on BTSC. This is the first time I've written up a mock draft but I look forward to feedback and speculation.

I'm excited about the moves our Steelers are making and the way in which our veteran players are responding to our call to help ease our cap woes. And despite my inability to find significant amount of game tape on our newly signed safety, Mike Mitchell, I believe he has the tools to be a solid free safety with great range, play-making ability, and a swagger that our defense has always welcomed. The Steelers are still in a position to massage the cap numbers and hopefully find and sign another starter before the draft.

With all of my picks I was looking for players who represented both value and a certain demeanor that will contribute to a winning culture. We need more picks, and I would look into trading back in the second with the 49ers, something along the lines of: 2.46 for 2.61 and 3.94.

Assuming we can trade back in a move like that:

1.15 Eric Ebron

Wow can a big time TE make a difference for an offense. Ebron is a special athlete and makes impressive catches look too easy. Lets put that giddy lil grin on Ben's face and take our offense to the next level.

2.61 Shayne Skov

Maybe it's because I'm exposed to more Stanford games living on the West Coast, but I love this dude's game. He's a smart player who lead a very impressive defense and can help sure up our 21st ranked run D.

3.94 DaQuan Jones

He plays with the high-motor athleticism and low center of gravity that is needed to make an impact at the position in a 3-4. He's far from perfect, but he's a leader and a hard worker who I think would really excel in our D.

3.Compensatory Pierre Desir

Big, athletic corner who needs some work. Sounds exactly like the type of corner prospect that our coaches get excited about.

4.114 Brandon Coleman

4.5 speed, size, and all kinds of upside. (also a fan Jeff Janis)

5.145 James Hurst

Two Tarheels! As every Steeler fan has painfully learned over the past few years, OL depth is very important.

Lemme know what you think and GO STEELERS!!

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