Maurice Jones-Drew coming to Pittsburgh from Jacksonville is night and day difference

Gregory Shamus

MJD can get treated better with probably a dozen different teams in the NFL than he did with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But after spending eight years with the worst, he should consider the best franchise his top target. If can ask any free agent with his tenure who it is, they'll all say the Steelers.

I lived outside Philadelphia on an extended work project in 2007 - incidentally the year the Maurice Jones-Drew-led Jaguars bounced the Steelers out of the playoffs.

Nice area, I enjoyed the experience. Philadelphia isn't at all what people make it out to be - minus the congestion, price and general inconvenience of everything.

There was a McDonalds in the borough in which I lived. Being that I lived there by myself and worked something like 11-12 hours a day, I didn't really cook a whole lot. I stopped at that McDonalds once, and anyone who knows me knows getting take-out isn't exactly rare for me.

But this particular McDonalds was special. It had, no exaggeration, the worst level of customer service I've ever experienced. And I don't even mean it so much it a bad way - it was LAUGHABLE how little they cared. It was like my reaction was being caught on film for a later release of a new Sasha Baron-Cohen movie. Except there was nothing really to react to.

They got my order completely wrong once, and upon my second trip through to notify them of the error, I was told, "shit happens. Deal with it."

Another time I waited at the window for 15 minutes with workers inside playing some kind of spirited version of soccer with a Filet-o-Fish wrapper balled up on the ground. When they saw me, they pointed at me, laughed, and one guy came over to tell me (not making this up), "we'll be with you at halftime."

I only went there after that just to see what they'd do next.

Since Jacksonville's one season of relevancy since the Tony Boselli days, Jones-Drew was at his apex. He was powerfully fast, and speedily strong. He was a workhorse in an offense so old-school, it would make nostalgia era fans weep.

Since then, the Jaguars have been that Philly area McDonalds - laughable, poorly managed and worthy of humor even seven years later.

He wasn't the guys playing Filet-o-Fish Ball, he was the guy watching from the side, just wanting to get a new job.

MJD leaving Jacksonville for Pittsburgh would be the difference between the customer service at that McDonalds vs. the customer service at...probably all but a handful of stores and restaurants in the world.

The Steelers may not pay MJD what he's used to being paid, but the upgrade in terms of direction, stability, leadership and probability of success is significantly higher.

He could get that same kind of upgrade at one of a dozen other franchises, many of which may be likely to wine-and-dine him over the next few days. But when I left Philadelphia and came back to Minnesota, the first place I stopped for a bite to eat was the first place I thought of for outstanding customer service.

If the Steelers are the bedrock franchise of the NFL in terms of overall success and vision over the last 40 years, then MJD has more than just money to consider. And that should factor into his decision, should the Steelers be one of multiple teams vying for his services.

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