2014 mock draft 1.0

Here's my first of many to come(as i get bored) on people i believe will help the steelers thru the draft.i'm adding in the steelers comp picks in round #3 and #4.Giving the steelers 8 draft picks and then i'm listing players who should be invited to camp as undrafted players.Please feel free to respond(both negative and positive).So with this,here's my picks!!

ROUND#1(15). DARQUEZE DENARD( CB) MICH ST. Well-built for the position with broad shoulders, long arms and good overall musculature. Confident, physical defender on the perimeter at his best providing man to man coverage and when attacking in run support.

ROUND #2(46) AUSTIN SEFERIAN-JENKINS( TE) WASH. Finds holes in the defense and settles, presenting a massive target to his quarterback. Catches the ball with defenders in close proximity due to his size advantage, as well as concentration and toughness to hang on while absorbing a hit. Impressive flexibility and body control for a man of his size. Adjusts well to the ball, showing the range to leap high or bend low, exhibiting an impressive catch radius. Smooth accelerator with at least fair top-end speed.

ROUND#3(97 comp)TERRENCE BROOKS(FS)FL.ST.Long arms and good balance to play off blocks and make plays near the line of scrimmage amid traffic. A big-hitter who seems to enjoy the physicality of the game. Flashes strong hands for the interception, as well as the ability to track over his shoulder.

ROUND#4(114)DANIEL McCULLERS(DT) TENN.McCullers' size and ability to disrupt things from the middle often made him the focus of an opponent's blocking scheme. Has been double-teamed on most snaps and has even seen triple-team blocks often. Despite the attention, McCullers' size and strength make him tough to move in the running game. He plays with better leverage than one might expect given his frame, holding up well inside and sliding off blockers to handle two-gap responsibilities when playing the 3-4 nose guard.

ROUND#4(129comp)CHRISTIAN JONES(ILB)FL.ST.Tremendous athlete with has fluid footwork who flawlessly flips his hips to blanket tight ends or receivers down the field in coverage. Tall and long, which he uses well in coverage. Plays with excellent range and speed to chase down the action, taking proper angles in pursuit.

ROUND#5(145)DRI ARCHER(WR) KENT ST. Great quickness and an explosive burst to leave defenders in his dust. Tough player who doesn't shirk from physicality and ran in the box effectively throughout his record-breaking career. Versatile player who saw action at tailback, slotback, slot receiver and as both a kick and punt returner, potentially giving his NFL team a roster spot to use on another position due to his ability to play multiple roles.

ROUND#6(176)PRINCE SHEMBO(OLB)NOTRE DAME. Always playing at full effort with his hair on fire. Above average toughness and is a smart rusher with awareness to follow the ball and close quickly on the ballcarrier. Strong inside move.

ROUND#7(207)De'ANTHONY THOMAS(RB) OREGON. Thomas is the most electric player in the 2014 draft. He boasts remarkable elusiveness, instant acceleration and the speed to pull away from defenders to make him a legitimate threat to score each time he touches the ball. Shows good vision, locating holes and slithering through them to get into the open field. Has soft, natural hands for the reception, easily snagging passes and securing them quickly. Tougher than he looks, showing a willingness to lower his shoulder and fight through initial contact to gain as much yardage as possible. Offers the versatility to play several roles, potentially freeing up a roster spot due for other players.

Now,here's my list of UNDRAFTED PLAYERS:






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