2014 Steeler Roster Moves



Here are my thoughts for the Steelers roster in 2014.

Current Roster Moves:

  1. Keep Woodley, but ask for a reasonable paycut. OLB in our defense is far too vital of a position to gamble with having poor depth, let alone questionable starters. I am not sold that Jarvis Jones can hold it down yet. He did not show much promise, let alone possible future dominance at the NFL level. He looks slow and weak, and that's not a good combination. We can only hope that he doesn't become the bust that many draft experts predicted. Hoping for improvement is a very, very bad plan without insurance. I am also not sold that Worilds is worth big money. Keep in mind that we drafted Jones because Worilds wasn't showing any promise last off season and was actually benched in the beginning of the year. If not for Woodley getting hurt we may have never seen Worilds finally show us something. I am not saying that we shouldn't sign Worilds to a long term contract, just don't break the bank. He has had injury issues as well, but also had subpar performances for 3 1/2 years. Woodley's problem has not been performance. Maybe he will finally wake up like Troy did last year and prepare himself to stay healthy all season. When healthy, Woodley is the better player out of those three. Staying healthy is a concern for sure. So, just ask Woodley to take a paycut that is reasonable. Maybe offer incentives to make up the difference. He will lose money if he walks and is signed by another team who offers less, just like Harrison did last year. Hopefully, Woodley learned from Harrison's mistakes. Hopefully, we do too. Don't make plans based on hope concerning Jones, don't overpay for Worilds, and ask Woodley to accept a paycut with incentives to stay.
  2. Sign Cotchery and Burress. We need red zone targets and veteran leadership. Cotchery has proven himself and Plaxico could really help in the red zone. We can cut Burress after training camp if he doesn't show he can be a threat again.
  3. Great move signing Will Allen as insurance for Shamarko and Troy. He has proven to be valuable.
  4. Love locking up Troy and Heath long term. Icons and leaders that still play at a high level and make clutch plays.
  5. Keep Foote. He is way under rated and a big reason we were run over last year. He doesn't cost us that much and is insurance for Spence, which we need.
  6. Re-Sign Woods. We need a starting DE and he is very versatile.
  7. Ike needs to take a paycut, but we should try to keep him if he does.
  8. Re-Sign Velasco. Great back-up Center/Guard.
  9. Give Ben the extension now. It will save on the cap. He will be more expensive later with the cap rising and another great season.
  10. Give Pouncey an extension. He will be cheaper this year too since he is coming off an injury.

Free Agency:

  1. Find a big Nose Tackle. Mount Cody could be an option as well as Raji. Soliai may become available as well. Don't waste a top draft pick on a 2 down player.
  2. Find a complimentary RB. We may be able to get Dexter McCluster on the cheap. He fits Haley's offense and already knows it too. We can only pray Tomlin has learned what a beast McFadden can be when healthy. What a lethal combo he and Bell would be!!! At least find out how much he would cost and see if he will give a 1-2 year prove-yourself-again discount.
  3. Get a LT for insurance. Levi may play for the vet minimum. We need insurance for inevitable injury.


  1. If CJ Mosley, Evans or Gilbert are there in the 1st please run to the podium. I highly doubt any of them will be there, but I never thought DeCastro would drop either.
  2. If none of the above are there trade DOWN. Acquire a much needed pick in the third. Grab Benjamin or Pryor later in the 1st. One or the other will still be there. Benjamin could be a sleeper. Totally a Steeler, very physical and high points the ball even better than Evans. Slower yes, but more physical and could be combo of Burress and Bolden. Ben will fall in love.
  3. Get a ton of CBs, Safeties, LBs and DEs in the early to mid rounds.
  4. Give speedy Dri a chance later in the draft. His speed is INCREDIBLE. Great offensive weapon and incredible returner.

I realize the Cap will play a huge factor in these decisions but if we restructure Brown, Timmons and give Ben and Pouncey extensions it could work.

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