Pre-draft Visit Update

We are now into the period where draft prospects are starting to make their visit to the Burgh. Who the Steelers invite to come in for a visit provides great clues as to who they are interested in drafting and what positions they are looking at. Recent past history tells us that a good portion of their draft will come from the pool of 30 guys that visit (plus any local prospect who aren't counted in the 30). They won't be able to get all of the guys they are targeting for specific rounds, and some may be dropped if the in-person interview doesn't go well. However, we should start "circling" these guys who visit on our draft boards.

John Brown - WR Pittsburg St. (5'10" 179). He was in for a visit on Monday 3/31. For those of you who read my mock draft post, He was a guy I had in the 6th round (comp. pick). They would mainly be interested in Brown as a return specialist, but he can also be used in other ways (split out wide, in the slot, and out of the backfield). He has 4.34 speed. He's a guy to look for as early the late 5th comp pick, more likely in the 6th, and a steal in the 7th.

>Donte Moncrief - WR Mississippi (6'2" 221). He is visiting (today) Tuesday 4/1. I had him as the pick @ 2.46 in my original mock. If they were to draft him, that is likely where they'd have to do it. He won't last until the comp pick @ 3.97. A good combine and strong pro-day likely solidified him as a 2nd round guy. He has 4.4 speed and a 39.5" vertical to go with his size. If they don't get a WR in the 1st, I think Moncrief would be one of their prime targets in the 2nd.

>Lache Seastrunk - RB Baylor (5'9 1/2" 201). Seastrunk would fit the "speed back" role as a complement to Bell/Blount. However, he ran a disappointing 4.51 at the combine. He rebounded at his pro-day with a time somewhere between 4.37 and 4.48 depending on who you ask. He has a 41.5" vertical and is definitely athletic. He tends to be an east-west type runner, though, which can be frustrating...and he isn't a tackle breaker, but more of a dancer. He could be someone they consider starting with the pick @ 3.97 or in the 4th if he's there. Seastrunk is visiting (today) 4/1 also.

Darqueze Dennard - CB Michigan St. (5'11" 199). Plenty has been said about Dennard already, and he was the pick @ 15 in my second mock. At the moment, he is probably the leading candidate for the pick @ 15 in that there's a decent chance he's still there and he's also pro-ready enough to play some in the sub-packages. Of course, he needs work just like every rookie does, but he's more ready than Gilbert (even though Gilbert has higher upside and could end up being the better pro in a few years).

Anthony Barr - OLB UCLA (6'5" 255). Early on, many thought Barr would be long gone by the time 15 rolled around. Now, it doesn't seem as far fetched. Barr still probably will go ahead, but he is also one of the candidates to fall (among the top prospects) Some of this has to do with what the expectations were for him. On tape, most view him as raw and more of a chase guy at this point. He's definitely an athlete, but the question is how elite of an athlete? His combine was rather pedestrian...4.66 forty, 34.5" vertical, and 15 reps on the bench was very DB-ish. He looked better at his pro-day, but pretty much everyone does. For the Steelers, if they sign Worilds to a long-term deal, picking Barr would seem a bit redundant after taking Jones last year. However, if they don't lock up Worilds, then Barr becomes an attractive option if he's there.

Aaron Donald - DT Pitt (6'1" 285). According to Donald, he has already visited with the Steelers. This would make sense since they share the same facility and he doesn't count against the 30 since he's local. How seriously interested they are in Donald remains to be seen. He certainly would be a fan favorite, but would he be a good fit? Some on BTSC say yes he could be. Most scouts and Donald himself would say he's best suited for a 43 where he can be a penetrating DT. If the Steelers were to take him, it would signal that they are headed in a different direction with their DL and would be playing more 40 fronts. However, they really don't have ideal personnel to do that with at this point. My guess would be they pass on Donald if he's still there @ 15, or possibly entertain trade downs for someone who really wants him.

Bradley Roby - CB Ohio St. (5'11" 194). Roby has the physical talent highlighted by his outstanding speed (he's a legit sub 4.4 guy, posting a 4.39 at the combine). The biggest question with him is probably his head (and some possible character concerns). Would the Steelers consider him with the pick @ 15? Probably not likely, but he could make for a potential guy to target in a trade down scenario. Using a late 1st round pick on him isn't as bad if they are getting additional picks. More likely, though, they are looking at him as a possible target for the pick @ 2.46. If they were to go with a WR (or another position in the 1st), then Roby would likely be one of the top CBs available @ 46 if he was there.

Jackson Jeffcoat - OLB Texas (6'3" 247). Jeffcoat (who's dad played in the NFL) actually posted better numbers at the combine than Barr (4.63 forty, 36" vert, 18 reps). of course, he isn't considered the prospect that Barr is, but could make for an intriguing choice depending on where they would select him. Some have him projected as a 2nd rounder, but like Barr, that would seem to be too high if they were to sign Worilds long-term. However, if he's there @ 3.97, a stronger case could be made for getting value if he were to be taken as a top backup and sub-package situational pass rusher.

Shaquille Richardson - CB Arizona (6'0" 194). Fits the bill as a size/speed guy posting a 4.43 at his pro-day to go with a 38.5" vert and 14 reps. Of course, he was inconsistent in his play and was benched during the '12 season. Also, character issue is a concern with him and he was arrested for theft coming into UCLA as a freshman (and he was let go from that program). He has some potential which makes him worthy of a late round flier, but they will need to make sure they check out his character thoroughly. If they feel comfortable with him, they could double-dip at CB taking one early and him late (likely the 7th round).

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