2014 NFL Mock Draft: San Diego Chargers Select...

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego was the last AFC team to squeak into the playoffs (at the Steelers' expense), but at least we got to see them become the latest team to keep the Bengals winless in the postseason since 1991. BTSC reader L-Ray has the pick.

As a long-time Steelers supporter going back to their heydays in the late 70's, I've engaged in only minimal support for other organizations over the years. Dan Marino was the biggest exception, but the San Diego Chargers have always been at the periphery of my interest. My father was a big football fan, and family legend has it that he named me after Lance Alworth - one of the great Chargers and receivers of all time - so maybe it's fitting that I am picking for the San Diego. Plus, I love the city, the climate, and the abundance of fresh and tasty IPA's that dominate the local beer culture. Great place, but now to the matter at hand.

Not unlike the Steelers, the Chargers have needs at CB, WR, NT, pass-rushing OLB/DE, and OL-L-Ray

Not unlike the Steelers, the Chargers have needs at cornerback, wide-receiver, nose tackle, pass-rushing linebacker/defensive end, and offensive line - and equally similarly they need to upgrade these positions more so through the draft than through free agency due to salary cap pressures. They also have a quarterback who has come to that point in his career where the window of opportunity for winning is shrinking. Last year's draft was a bountiful harvest, with D.J. Fluker and Keenan Allen providing immediate returns.

Based on their needs and the available talent this year, I tossed around the idea of adding cornerbacks Jason Verrett or Bradley Roby to their defense. Both would fit into John Pagano's heavy zone-scheme defense (especially Verrett), however there is good depth in this draft at cornerback so I see them picking up a corner in round two. I also flirted with the idea of adding a wide-receiver like Marquis Lee to add to the offensive firepower around Phillip Rivers, but again, a deep receiver draft beckons picks in latter rounds.

With the 25th pick, the San Diego Chargers select Ra'Shede Hageman, DT, Minnesota.


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers are weak up the middle after losing Cam Thomas (BabyZilla!) to the Steelers, so they are forced to go with some combination of Sean Lissemore and Kwame Geathers. As a 3-4 defense, they are not creating any disruption at the point of attack, and other teams have had good success pounding them inside. I know I will take a lot of flak for passing on more obvious options like Louis Nix III and Timmy Jernigan, but hear me out (and then feel free to hurl your opinions).

I think [Hageman] has more upside than Louis Nix-L-Ray

Hageman is a beast of a man at 6'6'', 310, with a rare combination of long arms, power and speed. By no means a traditional zero-gap nose tackle, he can prove to be versatile by lining up in multiple gap formations. I think he has more upside than Louis Nix, and he will not only push the pocket and provide pressure in the backfield, but he can also get after the quarterback. Getting pressure up the middle would be a valuable commodity in a division of pocket passing, slower quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub, and to a lesser degree, Alex Smith. Hageman also has a good pedigree at batting down passes, not unlike J.J. Watt, which would make him even more of a disruptive force in the middle.

It's all about being strong and creating havoc, and I see this as a role Hageman will embrace and be willing and able to prove his mettle. He also seems like a good character person, which new GM Tom Telesco covets. I think the biggest weakness would be how Hageman performs against the run, but I think this can be coached up, and if he can prove to be a disruptive force, the middle linebackers will have more space to get at the running backs coming through the inside lanes.

I don't think Hageman is a reach at No. 25, and given that this draft can fill other Charger needs in later rounds, I would rather get a key member of the front seven earlier than later. The drop-off is usually greater in later rounds for positions in the trenches. I like Hageman more than the competition here, solely for versatility and bringing other valuable traits to the position. He's a brute, and I see him fitting in nicely with the Chargers defense.

2014 NFL Draft Prospects

Team Player Pos School BTSC rep/link to pick
1 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/HOU.png Blake Bortles QB UCF SteelerWolf
2 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/STL.pngviahttp://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/WAS.png Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M Jack Finn
3 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/JAC.png Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville twault
4 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CLE.png Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina Double-Eagle
5 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/OAK.png Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M diehardsteelerfan625
6 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/ATL.png Khalil Mack LB Buffalo Erik Stone
7 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/TB.png Sammy Watkins WR Clemson TheCommish
8 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/MIN.png C.J. Mosley LB Alabama VinnySteel
9 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/BUF.png Greg Robinson OT Auburn Sean Geddes
10 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/DET.png Anthony Barr OLB UCLA JDSpartan
11 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/TEN.png Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma St slatts17
12 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NYG.png Mike Evans WR Texas A&M omara891
13 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/STL.png Ha Ha Clinton-Dix S Alabama Panther pride 76
14 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CHI.png Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh Michael Uhlhorn
15 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/PIT.png Darqueze Dennard CB Michigan St (BTSC vote)
16 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/DAL.png Calvin Pryor S Louisville steeler fever
17 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/BAL.png Taylor Lewan OT Michigan Steelers_Fan_to_the_Core
18 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NYJ.png Eric Ebron TE North Carolina DropTheHammer
19 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/MIA.png Zack Martin OT Notre Dame steeler_chris_5
20 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/ARI.png Dee Ford OLB Auburn Wichita SunSteeler
21 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/GB.png Ryan Shazier LB Ohio State NoVaBurgher
22 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/PHI.png Odell Beckham Jr. WR LSU c63tho
23 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/KC.png Kelvin Benjamin WR Florida State WelcomeToReality
24 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CIN.png Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech Steel Spike
25 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/SD.png Ra'Shede Hageman DT Minnesota L-Ray
26 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CLE.pngviahttp://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/IND.png

27 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NO.png

Ike Evans
28 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/CAR.png

29 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/NE.png

Mr MaLoR
30 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/SF.png

Collision Course
31 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/DEN.png

32 http://sports.cbsimg.net/images/nfl/logos/50x50/SEA.png

Thoroughbred of Sin
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