First Posted Mock Draft - Two Trades

I'd like to begin with that I'm loving BTSC. I'm pretty new to to the site, but not to the love of the steelers. The wealth of Steelers knowledge on this site is awesome. Now on to my mock...

Being that this is my first mock that I've posted on this site It would be very easy and safe for me to just write down a couple of names in the listed order and be done with it, but I decided to shake things up a bit. I decided to include two trades. First...

The Pittsburgh Steelers trade their...1/15...4/118...6/192 to the NY Giants for pick 1/12

(Values on trade 1/15=1050, 4/118=58, 6/192=14.6........1/12=1200)

1/12 - Mike Evans Wr Texas A&M

The Steelers move up and get their guy. Evans is a player that has been heavily discussed on BTSC. Tall, ridiculously long arms, Good vertical, just overall HUGE catch radius. Did I mention he was tall? I think he is day one ready and will bring a new dimension to the offense. Imagine AB, Evans and Wheaton running out of the slot. I had to make a trade to assure we would get him by moving ahead of the Rams.

The Pittsburgh Steelers trade their...2/46 to the SF 49ers for picks 2/56...3/94

(Values on trade 2/46=440.......2/56=340, 3/94=124)

2/56 - Pierre Desir Cb Lindenwood

May be seen as a bit of a reach but I don't think so. He has been pegged mid to late 3rd, but I think an early rush to grab corners will bump him up a round. Minus the small school I like everything about this kid. He has great size at 6'1 195 and with long arms and decent speed (has been clocked at 4.47). Great instincts and ball skills and is a willing tackler. I think he will be a strong character guy too since he is already a father of two.

3/94 - Demarcus Lawerence Olb Boise State

Ideally an end would be available here but I really only like a couple in the second and then some in the 4-6 range so I went for more of a BPA here. Love Demarcus Lawerence! Great size at 6'3 250. Fast and very fluid. He really knows how to bend and move around the corner. I really like his demeanor and love him in sub pass rush situation as early as year one. Plus gives us a little insurance just in case Worilds contract doesn't pan out.

3/97 - Philip Gaines Cb Rice

Double dipping early because I really like Gaines. Big and Fast! Like 4.38 at the combine fast! At just over 6 ft and 191. He is fast and smooth with a really nice back pedal. With a year to develop I would love to see him at the third corner spot, with Cortez, Desir and him as a great young group going forward.

5/157 - Josh Mauro De Stanford

Built for the 3-4 end, Mauro is strong and built well for the position. Holds the edge well and the point even against double teams. Good motor and work ethic. Wont be a pass rush threat and needs to continue to hone his craft but with a year or two to learn he could be a multi year starter for us by year three.

5/173 - DeAnthony Thomas Rb/KR/PR Oregon

Buy low on DAT. Heres to hoping his poor times at the combine makes him drop this far. Super fast and versatile. We can instantly use him as our PR/KR and i believe he could be good for 6-7 touches a game. Love the idea of him in split back with Leveon. Side note, I would only begin to think about taking him in the 5th. Any higher and there will be more complete backs available and 3-4 round is too high for a return specialist.

6/215 - Ryan Carrethers NT Arkansas St

One of my favorite players in the entire draft when it comes to draft price/value. I would take him a round earlier and not bat an eye, but this is roughly where I think he will end up. He is big, 6'2 332, but not the flabby, out of shape big. He has been measure to have a svelte 16% body fat on that frame. He's strong too, putting up 32 reps at the combine and sporting a 660 lb squat and 400 lb incline bench. He can play too, as is shown by his 15 tackle effort in a single game last year. He plays with good leverage and takes on double teams well. He is a good tackler and has a solid motor. He was also a state champion wrestler in high school.

7/230 Larry Webster Olb Bloomsburg

This is my seventh round experiment pick. At 6'6 252 lbs, Webster ran a 4.58 at the combine. Secondly only to Jadeveon Clowney. He is very athletic and fluid and shows good flexibity and bend when rushing the passer. His major knows is he is raw and played at a tiny school. But with that size/speed ratio, I think he is worth a flier and a redshirt year to develop. Worst comes to worst, he played in goal line situations as a TE, and theres speculation that he could convert.

That is it! Thank you for reading my post and I look forward to hearing some comments and suggestions!

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