Mock Draft Addressing Defense, Defense, Defense

As anyone who has read any of my posts or comments knows, I am all about defense. A good to great offense is nice, but a good to great defense is awesome. Look what Seattle's defense was able to do to Denver's offense in the Super Bowl. Our offense was pretty good in the second half of last year and I think they will be good again next year. Our defense was no where near the Steelers' standard that we have all grown accustomed to and that is where we need to focus for improvement. The old saying "defense wins championships" was started for a reason, time after time it has proven correct. Also what really gets the fan base excited at a game, a good offensive play or that good defensive play? The last time I checked the "Renegade" video was defensive highlights.

So using the On The Clock draft simulator and Walter Football draftboard I came up with the following:

1. 15: CB Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

2. 46: LB Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

3. 97: OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

4. 118: DE Brent Urban, Virginia

5. 167: CB Walt Aikens, Liberty

6. 173: RB De'Anthony Thomas, Oregon

7. 192: WR Devin Street, Pittsburgh, 6'3" 195lbs

8. 215: DT Ryan Carrethers, Arkansas State,

9. 230: WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley, 6'2", 212lbs

Or how about this one:

1. 15: OLB Anthony Barr, UCLA

2. 46: DE Stephon Tuitt, Notre Dame

3. 97: CB Pierre Desir, Lindenwood

4. 118: OLB Jackson Jeffcoat, Texas

5. 167: CB Walt Aikens, Liberty

6. 173: DT Justin Ellis, Louisiana State

7. 192: WR Devin Street, Pittsburgh

8. 215: RB James Wilder, Florida State

9. 230: WR Jeff Janis, Saginaw Valley

I would be happy with either one of these drafts. I know certain players show up in both and that is because I drafted BPA off the board in most circumstances (overlooking players at positions I wasn't interested in). In both drafts I double-dipped at LB, CB, DL, and WR while also adding a change of pace RB. I think that at least 5 players in each draft would see the field in 2014 (not necessarily starting but at least making contributions in situational football) and I think all 9 in each draft are capable of making the team. My WRs are the same in both drafts and that is simply because I like both of these kids as late round prospects (and for all of you wanting the "big receiver" they are both over 6'2").

Now let the comments begin because I welcome both good and bad. I know a lot of fans want the top offensive players to make our offense as potent as it can be, but I am old school and will always build from the defensive side of the ball, especially the front seven (4 picks in both drafts).

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