How the Steelers draft WR Mike Evans

You know you want Mike Evans. The Steelers are reportedly in love with Mike Evans. Mike Evans is at the top of The Draft A Tall Wide Receiver Committee's, Big Board. Our very own, Ben Roethlisberger, according to rumors has been dreaming of a player like Mike Evans for years. So what is stopping the Steelers from making the selection that would have the Quarter Back, Coaches, Front Office, and fans alike, jumping for joy as Mike Evans' name is called by the Pittsburgh Steelers come draft day?

4 spots, that's what.

Mike Evans very well may slip out of the top ten come draft day but will never make it to 15, so in this article we are entertaining the Pittsburgh Steelers (pick 15) trading up with the Tennessee Titans (pick 11) if Mike Evans is available at that point in the draft.

How does Mike slip all the way to eleven and get past the two teams where he is usually mocked leading up to draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (pick 7) and Buffalo Bills (pick 9)? Both of these teams have a bigger WR already on their roster, Tampa Bay with Vincent Jackson (who Mike Evans is most usually compared), and the Buffalo Bills with a bigger WR in Mike Williams who they received in a recent trade with, you guessed it, Tampa Bay. These teams have a bigger WR filling that role and both are reportedly highly interested, to the point of trading up, in acquiring Sammy Watkins. I think both teams have much less interest in Mike Evans as a top 10 pick because of redundancy.

Detroit (pick 10) signed Golden Tate to go along with Megatron, they are not going to spend a pick on a WR this high.

Enter the Pittsburgh Steelers (pick 15) sliding in front of two teams that would likely steal this tall WR from under the Steelers' nose, in the New York Giants (pick 12) and St. Louis Rams (pick 13), who both would be drooling over the availability of this prospect out of Texas A&M. So what would the Steelers have to give to the Titans in order to make this deal possible; the way I have it calculated is this years fourth and sixth round picks, and next year's third round pick. I don't consider this an outlandish amount of picks to give up for a player of Mike Evans's worth, you aren't going to find another player with his combination of size and skills anywhere else in this or many other drafts.

Why would the Titans make this trade? At pick 11 they are last in the line of the teams expected to be interested in drafting a QB as the future face of the franchise. Jake Locker isn't cutting it and they need an upgrade, but being at the end of the line gives them the advantage to trade back a few spots and still get the QB who will continue falling to them at pick 15. It is a win-win for the Titans, they still get the player and pick up a few extra picks in the process.

This draft is one of the deepest in the history of the league according to many experts, teams with high picks will be looking to move back and collect extra picks, the Steelers use this thinking to their advantage and land a true Offensive Difference Maker with their first pick in the 2014 Draft.

We Like Mike!

Go Steelers!

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