Comparing the 2014 Draft: Steelers vs Ravens

Hello gang,

Your friendly neighborhood Steelers fan here to take a look at how each teams respective 2014 drafts compare, round by round, pick for pick and perhaps choosing an overall winner. Bonus points for naming the reference in the previous sentence, if an actual winner is selected, the readers should remember the author is slightly prejudiced towards one of the teams.

Without a rhyme and with little reason, lets get started.

Pick 1, Steelers' Ryan Shazier, ILB vs Ravens' CJ Mosley, ILB: this one is easy for me as I was blowing the horn for CJ Mosley early and late in the draft process, my fellow Steelers fans convinced me at that time that Shazier is the superior athlete while I held firm that CJ is more NFL ready and has superior football intelligence, both are three down players at the position. TIE

Pick 2, Steelers' Stephon Tuit, DE vs Raven Timmy Jernigan, DT: This matchup is won by the versatility and superior athleticism of Tuit over Jernigan. Steelers Win

Pick 3, Steelers' Dri Archer RB/WR/KR vs Ravens Terrance Brooks FS: Once again the versatility of this Steelers pick plus the immediate impact he will have on the field of play trumps a very solid pick by the Ravens. Steelers Win

Pick 4, Steelers' Martavis Bryant, WR vs Ravens" Crocket Gilmore, TE: Basically a tall, speedy WR up against a solid blocking TE with good hands. While Bryant has a possibly higher upside, the boom/bust potential is a concern. Ravens Win

Pick 5, Steelers' Shaq Richardson, CB vs Ravens' Lorenzo Taliaferro, RB: Here the Ravens selected a RB who can also block and catch, very versatile guy with a high upside while the Steelers waited til late in the draft to select a CB who seems valued by Coach Lake who recruited and coached him while in College. Ravens Win

Pick 6, Steelers' Wesley Johnson, OT vs Ravens' Brent Urban, DT: Here is another easy one, Johnson can play two or three positions along the line, Urban is from Canada. Steelers Win

Pick 7, Steelers' Jordan Zumwalt, OLB versus Ravens' John Urschel, G: Zumwalt is likely to become a fan favorite in the pre-season and perhaps on special teams while Urshel likely makes the 53 as a backup at guard. Ravens Win

Pick 8, Steelers' Daniel McCullers, NT versus Ravens' Keith Wenning, QB: If you are going to draft a clip-board holder the sixth round is a good place to find one, McCullers is a mountain of a man. Steelers Win

Pick 9, Steelers' Rob Blanchflower, TE versus Ravens' Michael Campanaro, WR: One word, Campanarooooooo. Ravens Win

Instead of picking a winner which might sway the vote (yeah right), letting the readers select the overall winner. Please vote in the poll.

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