Steelers may be looking at another talent falling into their laps. Tonight's Draft Wish....why I'm cheering for an early run on QBs.

The draft is all about hope. Selling the hopes and dreams of these young players.The hopes and new life of fan, that a star can bring to your team via draft day are boundless. With a later draft then normal the talk and dreams have run wild. It all ends tonight. Tonight its real.

Quick summary from where the team has left off: The Steelers got some great free agent pick ups in Mike Mitchell and the 3 and 4 WR. On defense, besides Troy and Ike the defense is relatively young and progressing well. Some still have a learning curve but last season was baptism by fire. The O-Line is finally a strength and Ben's window is like 5 years. So this draft is all drafts for the Steelers. To Steelers fans the obvious big need is CB....lots of teams need CB with the way the game is changing. One thing about the Steelers, we will always take the best play available and with the amount of talent (in positions of need) floating up top I for one will be rooting for a QB run early in the draft. Hopefully one or two go then a team or two freaks and jumps up to get their guy. 3-4 QBs taken in the first 14 picks plus the regular random pick or two(Z martin, C Pryor, etc) would cause a lucky free fall of talent into the Steelers proverbial lap.

No way dropping from top picks 1-7


K. Mack



Possible free fall to #15

M. Evans

J. Matthews

A. Donald


the top 3 CBs

T. Lewan

O. Beckham

With a QB run and a few randoms we will get one of these talents. Might have our pick out of 2 or 3 falling talents really. That's my order/wishlist above, and the whole point of the article. I hope Johnny, Blake, Teddy, and Carr all go top 10, and you should too. If its not the case so be it. In Colbert be trust. Moving back to 19-22 would be okay with me too. In that case we better grab K Benjamin or one of the players listed above if still available.

Whats your draft wish, and what are you looking forward to tonight?

DREAM MOCK (write ups taken from the big board on the home page, good work Scott)

1)K.Fuller- CB Va Tech. 5'11-3/4", 190 lbs. A good, fluid and fast athlete who is willing to tackle. He also gets points for the family connection: brother Vincent Fuller who played 5 years as a Titans Safety. Fuller was lauded as a "complete" package in this nice article on a Patriots site, with a similar analysis noting his lack of elite speed in this article. He started as the surprise #3 CB on Mike Mayock's Board and has now cemented himself as the #1. The most interesting thing is that Mayock fits a pattern. You can find Neal's BTSC scouting report here, which had Fuller at about the #3 CB, and now he too has Fuller as the best CB fit for Pittsburgh. There appears to be something subtle about this kid's game, where the more you look the more you like what you see.

2)Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE Washington - 6'5-1/2", 262 lbs. This scouting report reflects a consensus view: ASJ is one of those newfangled basketball player/TE types, with very good speed, very good hands, fantastic size, and average blocking ability.

3)C. Lattimore-WR Indiana. 6'2", 215 lbs. Cody Latimer projects as a good, solid possession receiver with above-average height, good hands, and a nice, likes-to-block attitude. Before his pro day I'd added, "Where he's lacking are the physical assets like top-end speed or quickness." Then he ran a 4.38 dash, jumped through the roof, and looked marvelous in the drills, all two months after missing the Combine because of foot surgery. Oh, and he was a basketball player before football, so he knows something about body position and boxing people out. This pre-pro-day scouting report expressed the common opinion that Latimer could be a steal for someone in the start of Day 3. Time to move that up to Day 2, especially if interviews reveal the obsessive drive to hone his craft. If so, the sky might be the limit.

4)R.Crockrell-CB Duke. 6'0", 191 lbs. Cockrell was the guy on a so-so team who always got locked up with the other team's top receiver, and did that well enough to contain the college versions of both Mike Evans and Kelvin Benjamin. That is an excellent sign. So is running in the 4.3's at his pro day. Then there's this great quote that Mike Mayock got from a college coach: "Cockrell has all the tangibles you could want and, more important, all the intangibles too.

5)D.Thomas RB Oregon. 5'8-1/2", 174 lbs. Your stereotypical fast and elusive scatback. Here is a scouting report from Walter Football. Thomas is a terror in open space if he can survive the hits from NFL-sized players. Thomas had a truly spectacular career at Oregon and will probably go much earlier to a team that offers the perfect fit. Major upside as a kick returner too. Size is literally the only problem.

5)Ellis-NT La Tech. 6'2", 357 lbs. Do you believe in a Nose Tackle who ought to shrink? The thought is that he might have the athleticism to be really special if he could only shrink to around 330. A fine Day-3 flyer for depth

6)Q. Enunwa- WR, Nebraska- 6'2" 215lb.The upsides are size, amazing YAC, character, leadership (team captain), and willingness to block for a totally run-oriented offense. The downsides are like Owens, Crabtree, and Marshall - the occasional boneheaded, inexcusable drop. Then there's this scouting report on measurables aptly titled "Quincy Enunwa is the Ultimate Lottery Ticket". Enunwa ran a 4.45 dash at the Combine, which is borderline freaky for a man that size, but couldn't do anything else. So this article digs deeper into various metrics. Here's the basic point to look at, however: "For his career he converted 11 of 23 red zone targets into touchdowns, which is an elite rate." In fact 10 of the 12 touchdowns in his senior year came in the red zone ... which is where the Steelers are weakest

6)Rosevelt Nix- OLB Kent State. 5'11, 260 lbs. Roosevelt Nix may be the most puzzling player on my Board. His upside? James Harrison, right down to the height (within an inch), the weight, the same college, and even the likelihood that he'll be a UDFA

7)Ryan Groy, OL Wisconsin - 6'5", 316 lbs. Ran a very fast 10 yard split at the Combine - a 1.75. That's as good as top talents like Joe Thomas! Groy has played every position on the O-line as well as FB. Is he Kelvin Beachum 2.0? That wouldn't be a bad pick at all.

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