Manziel goes #2 overall: Psycho predicts the entire 1st round

The time has come, and after countless (and I mean countless) mock drafts for the past several months, one thing we know for sure: they are all wrong! Sure, some out there will get a few picks here and there, but for the most part...all mock drafts are wrong! Is mine any better? Doubtful. However, I'm going to give you some scenarios that can realistically play out tonight, and some trades that might just happen. On with the show...

1. Texans - DE Clowney The only way they don't take Clowney is if they trade the pick (Atlanta is the obvious suitor). Trade won't happen though.

2. Buccaneers - QB Manziel If Tampa doesn't make the trade, Johnny Football is going to JAX at 3. Believe it because it's real. The Bucs will pull the last minute trade with the Rams who think they'll still be able to get their guy at 7. St. Louis gets Tampa Bay's 2015 1st and 3.69 this year.

3. Jaguars - WR Watkins The only two picks that make sense for JAX is Watkins or Manziel. Johnny would make them relevant again in terms of marketing interest. Watkins replaces Blackmon as an instant starter.

4. Browns - WR Evans Teams will probably come calling for Evans, Mack, and Robinson but I think they might just stay put and take Evans to make a killer duo with Gordon. They'll take their QB later in the 1st, but a sweet deal could get them to trade down from 4.

5. Raiders - LB Mack They too will be a trade up target for teams looking for Mack or Robinson, but I also think they will find Mack too good to give up.

6. Falcons - OT Robinson He was their guy all along unless they could get Clowney. They're glad he makes it to them.

7. Rams - OT Matthews Big winners here as they get their guy without having to take him at 2 and they pick up another 1st for next year (and a 3rd this year)!

8. Vikings - DT Donald Word is they wanted to go D all along and not chance another Top 10 QB bust. They are looking for a front 7 playmaker and Donald fits perfectly. They can grab a QB later.

9. 49ers - WR Beckham Bills interest in Beckham at 9 was a smokescreen to get teams to trade up. 49ers bite as they certainly have the firepower to do so with ease. Buffalo gets 1.30, 2.56, 2.61, and 4.129.

10. Lions - CB Gilbert Detroit wants to trade up for Watkins (or maybe even Evans), but I don't think they want to give up next years #1 to do so, which means they get shut out. Taking Gilbert could start a run on DBs.

11. Titans - Barr This could be a spot where teams looking for Lewan or Martin trade up, so if that happens most won't be surprised. However, I think they may just stay and take Barr.

12. Giants - OL Martin G-men supposedly will pass on Lewan and Ebron because of character (Coughlin usually does), so Martin is their guy and a good fit.

13. Rams - CB Fuller Oh @!%$! they just took Fuller. Didn't see that coming? Don't be surprised if he lands here or the next pick (if the Rams went with a S). Fuller could be tops on many teams CB boards (including the Steelers).

14. Bears - S Dix da Bears could easily grab Fuller if he's there as they are very interested. I think, however, with him gone, they go with HaHa instead of taking Dennard.

15. Jets - WR Cooks What? a trade? No Dennard? Don't throw your beer at me just yet. Colbert may have tipped his hand a bit when he said if "you trade down a few spots, and you hope there's still 3 guys you want are there". In this case, I think there are and the Jets really want a playmaker. Cooks or Ebron could be their guy...let's hope so!Steelers get 1.18, 4.104, 4.115

16. Cowboys - OT Lewan How bout them Cowboys? Yes, they might have considered trading up for Donald, and they could give Ealy a look, but Mr. Jones will gladly take Lewan here.

17. Ravens - TE Ebron This is why the Steelers make the trade. They know the Boys and the Birds will take the guys they don't want to take, so they can still get their CB.

18. Steelers - CB Dennard I think their CB board went like this...Fuller, Dennard, Gilbert. So, with Fuller gone, Dennard's their guy. Yes, they would consider Tuitt with Dennard gone, and it wouldn't shock me if they actually took Tuitt. However, they can do creative things with the 4ts they got from the Jets, and even put together some type of deal to come back into the 1st for him (or move up in the 2nd if he makes it that far).

19. Browns - QB Bortles Whoa! Many thought they'd wait until 26 to take their QB, but they want to jump ahead of Pittsburgh West to grab Bortles. Miami doesn't mind trading down here (as you will soon find out).Miami gets 1.26 and 3.83 which was (ironically) the Steelers 3rd originally.

20. Cardinals - LB Shazier They might have grabbed Bortles if he made it here but are happy to land Shazier who could be dynamic in their D.

21. Packers - S Pryor They were hoping to get Shazier but just missed out. They could possibly look to trade down with someone like Denver targeting Mosley.

22.Eagles - WR Lee After missing out on trading up for Beckham, Fuller, and Cooks, they take the next WR on their board instead of chancing Roby.

23. Chiefs - OL Bitonio With Lee gone, they might look to trade down and grab a G (which would offer better value). Bitonio is a fast riser and they may just go with him here if they can't make a trade.

24. Bengals - DE Ealy It seemed like CB was the popular choice here, but they may pass on Roby and Verrett and opt for Ealy who fits well.

25. Chargers - CB Roby They really want a CB bad and I think they go with Roby (even with his issues) over Verrett (who is now rumored to have some medical concerns).

26. Dolphins - OT Kouandijo Surprise! Well maybe not. Before the combine, he seemed like a lock 1st round pick, but then the poor showing hurt him. He could still fall a bit, but rumor has it Miami likes him and he's a good fit at RT.

27. Saints - DE/OLB Ford They can go in different directions here with Verrett or a WR being possible. It could also be a spot for the Steelers to try to get back in the 1st to grab Tuitt. Not sure if they can pull it off though, as it would require giving up the 2.46 and the 4.104 (from the Jets) and next's year's 3rd...provided the Saints would even want to trade down that far.

28. Broncos - ILB Mosley This will make Scott Pavelle happy. Someone traded up for Mosley! Denver likes him and is looking to trade up. This would be an ideal spot for them if he's still there. This would also be the spot the Steelers probably need to get to if they want Tuitt. Carolina gets 1.31 and 4.131.

29.Patriots - DE Tuitt Would be just like them to grab a guy the Steelers were interested in. Tuitt fits them, though. They could go with Amaro here, but they like some of the other TEs later and may pass. Hageman also could be in play here.

30. Bills - WR Latimer If Mosely made it here, they've probably grabbed him, but Latimer is one of the fastest risers in this draft, and might have leap frogged Benjamin, Matthews, and Robinson (who could also be possibilities here).

31. Seahawks - WR Matthews A name often mocked here is Bitonio, but I can easily see them grabbing a WR even if Bitonio is still there. In this mock he isn't, and Matthews is a guy they like.

Ok, time to go and see how many I got wrong and how foolish this mock looks.
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