My Projection For The LB Corps in 2014

This is going to be the position battle to watch at training camp this year. There are a lot of bodies at the LB spot and only the best will make the final 53 man roster. Here is my projection


Buck:Lawrence Timmons, Vince Williams

Mack: Ryan Shazier, Sean Spence*


ROLB: Jarvis Jones, Jordan Zumwalt

LOLB: Jason Worilds, Arthur Moats

Outside looking in: Chris Carter, Terence Garvin

Now my elaboration for each player:

Lawrence Timmons: Timmons is probably one of the few players on this team who is the unquestioned starter at his respective position and I will make a bold prediction for him as well. He will earn his first Pro Bowl or All Pro selecction this season

Ryan Shazier: I'd say theres an 90% chance he starts week 1. Barring injury or if Spence has a great and I mean really great camp, I don't see anyone else starting here

Vince Williams: He made some nice plays against the run last year and is going to give us great depth at this position. He may even replace Shazier in obvious running situations (i.e. goal line and 3rd and 4th and short because he appears to be a better run defender than Shazier)

Sean Spence: If he is truly recovered than he makes the team. He said it felt great after OTAs and I'll take his word on it. If he makes it through camp and the pre season healthy, than Garvin doesn't make the team. I had Spence asteriked because I'm going to assume he makes it out healthy

Jarvis Jones: There really isn't a lot of competition or players with experience at this position, so if a former 1st round pick can't beat out Arthur Moats, Jordan Zumwalt or Chris Carter, than we are in trouble. I see him easily winning the job and I make my 2nd bold prediction with Jarvis having 6.5 sacks or more this year. I think his second year, the muscle he has added and Porter coaching him on the sideline, he makes a huge jump in 2014

Jason Worilds: Again not much competition here and he played well enough last year to not only remove Woodley from his LOLB position that he's held down since 2008, but made the highest paid defender in franchise history expendable landing Woodley in Oakland. I make another bold prediction here and say that Worilds and JJ combine for 20 sacks this year. I know this may be a strong prediction, but I'll stand by it. Worilds should easily get halfway there and then some and it will be up to Jarvis to make up the difference

Jordan Zumwalt: I think he will be an OLB, at least for this year becaue we have a lot of bodies inside and he can play both. I also think he will be a great special teamer as well and he will beat out Chris Carter

Arthur Moats: He will be a reserve OLB despite being inside in Buffalo last year

Chris Carter: Hasn't shown enough in his 3 years to make the team. He also hasn't been a special teams demon either, so I think the Steelers end up taking Zumwalt over Carter

Terence Garvin: If Spence is healthy, than Garvin doesn't make the team. When the Steelers drafted Spence in 2012, they were hoping he'd be a starter by now, and he probably would be if he was healthy

I also think they should give serious consideration to inviting Harrison to camp. If anyone follows him on instagram, you'll see what I'm talking about and he is still a good run defender

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