Anthony Defeo

Senior Staff Writer


No-huddle should be effective weapon in 2014

If Saturday night's 19-16 victory over the Bills in-which Ben Roethlisberger passed for 128 yards and two scores in just over a quarter of action is any indication, the no-huddle offense should be...

Getting it done with lower round picks and UDFAs

The Steelers have had their share of high round busts in recent years. But they've also managed to develop some lesser pedigreed picks into productive players (like guard Ramon Foster), and they'll...

Extra points are fine where they are


A season after NFL kickers made 99.6 percent of their extra point attempts, the league is conducting a preseason experiment by moving the kick back to the 15 yard line. Count this writer as one fan...

Steelers jersey numbers before they were iconic


Mean Joe Greene, Franco Harris, Jack Ham and Jack Lambert immortalized their respective numbers during their Hall of Fame careers with the Steelers. However, this is the story of the last players...

Steelers suddenly have plethora of wideouts

Justin Brown might have a hard time making the Steelers for a second straight year, this despite having a stellar offseason and training camp. But at least it's an indication that Pittsburgh might...

Preparation doesn't sharpen preparation

Peyton Manning watches six hours worth of film. Tim Tebow works out with tractor tires. Ben Roethlsiberger probably drinks an extra beer or two while eating a cupcake. Can you guess which QB has...

Given time, Pouncey may mature into a great man

Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey has given fans lots of reasons to dislike him early in his career. But if he matures into a person and a player to be proud of, he would only be following in the...

Spence for Comeback Player of the Year

Just getting on the field in Week 1 should serve as enough reason to cheer for Steelers linebacker Sean Spence. The third-year player who cried himself to sleep after another devastating injury is...

Not good when officials make more judgment calls

NFL scoring was at an all-time high in 2013, but that hasn't stopped the league from placing more emphasis on defensive holding and illegal contact in 2014. Forcing officials to make more judgment...

A reversal of my old Steelers "knowledge"

As a Steelers fan, I spent many years accepting (or assuming) certain things as fact. Thankfully, because to my elders, my peers, my love of reading, and the Internet, I was mercifully enlightened...

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