No one was happier about Steelers addition of Mike Munchak than Todd Haley

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

No Steelers coach can speak badly about newly hired offensive line coach Mike Munchak. That may end up being praise lavished on him internally for a short amount of time in Pittsburgh.

Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley isn't one to be ambiguous with his words.

He relishes the soundbyte. He always adds in something tantalizing for readers.

Most recently, he spoke with ESPN writer Scott Brown on the addition of former Titans head coach Mike Munchak as the Steelers' offensive line coach.

"Really nobody was happier when Coach (Mike) Tomlin, Kevin Colbert and Mr. Rooney were able to pull off getting him to come on board," Haley told Brown. "He’s a great teacher. He’s great at what he does, the best in the league in my opinion. He seamlessly transitioned into our staff. He's a stud."

The stud to lead the stallions the Steelers have brought in to protect the franchise quarterback and re-establish a tradition of a dominant running game. It all sounds like a storybook. At the end of the season, it may be the kind of chapter in Steelers' history that speaks of redemption and triumph. It could be so successful, in fact, the Steelers may have to be in the market for their fourth offensive line coach in four years.

It's only natural to wonder how long Munchak intends to stay in Pittsburgh - assuming everything goes according to the expectations of Munchak's success in 2014. It's also fair to assume Rooney and Colbert weighed the likelihood - not the possibility - of Munchak's fairly rapid departure. It's a double-edged sword. The more success he has, the more cash is going to be waved under his nose to again become a head coach in the NFL.

He threw his hat in the Happy Valley ring in 2014, looking to succeed Bill O'Brien at his alma mater Penn State. O'Brien, hired by the Texans this past year, was ultimately replaced by James Franklin, but Munchak put the feelers out there. Perhaps that was just an opportunity you explore, regardless of anything else, because of the personal connection the Scranton, Pa., native has with the school. Maybe that was on the shortest list of jobs he would take, but otherwise, isn't particularly interested in becoming a head coach again.

He's more of a human than he is a stud, even though he possesses most traits of a stud. Money talks, and it would walk - if not run - his way to him if the Steelers are to become a top five rushing team in 2014 as well as reduce the amount of sacks, hits and pressures on Ben Roethlisberger. Coupling those kinds of production numbers from a team that simply has failed in both areas over the last three seasons with his previous experience as a head coach and knowledge of the game, there will be plenty of articles in January (hopefully February) about his candidacy for the inevitable NFL head coaching openings.

For now, the Steelers look to exploit Munchak's studliness and make it work to their advantage.

It may be short-lived, which is nothing new, but if it ends quickly, it will be for positive reasons, unlike the recent past.

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