2013 Steelers Draft

Jarvis Jones following in Ben's footsteps


Cleveland drafts in the top 10 frequently, but when they draft sixth, and pass on a future Steelers pick, it doesn't work out well. Maybe that will be the case of Jarvis Jones and Barkevious Mingo.

Will Jarvis Jones Start at OLB Next Season?


In which the author muses about the difficulties of eradicating our bad habits

Weighing the 2013 Steelers draft on paper


Until the shorts come off and pads go on, no one knows exactly what Pittsburgh was able to pick up in the draft; but even with all the unknowns, the 2013 draft class is set to be one of the most...

After signing rookies, will Steelers dip into FA?

Will the Steelers still be in the free agency market after signing the four remaining rookies from their 2012 Draft class?

Several Steelers picks not on Cowboys draft board


See Dallas's entire 2013 Draft Board, and how much it differed with how the Steelers' picks went.

Finding the Fits points to Jones as great pick


NFL Draft Scout writer Rob Rang notes lots of positives with the Steelers draft class heading into the 2013 season.

Terry Hawthorne Has Surgery, Signs Contract

The day after having a procedure to remove bone chips from his knee, Hawthorne signs a four year deal with Pittsburgh

VIDEO: Bell's quickness more impressive than power

Breaking down Le'Veon Bell's impressive performance against Boise State this past season, it's clear Bell's best attribute isn't his power, but his quickness.


Did Steelers GM Kevin Colbert gamble and lose?

There are always a few players that make fans wonder "what if?"

Ryan Clark speaks positively on Steelers draft


Steelers safety Ryan Clark notes the positives of the Steelers draft, and how that will benefit the team moving forward.


Golic and 'Embernasty' represent new projects

Pittsburgh has looked to mid-to-late round draft picks to find offensive line depth. In fact, 2013 was the first draft in the last 10 where the Steelers did not select an offensive lineman. They...

Searching for the Steelers next cult hero

Every training camp, a non-first round rookie such as Isaac Redman, who first appeared on the radar in 2009 as an undrafted free agent out of Bowie State, becomes a cult hero among fans. What...

Draft upgraded Steelers special teams


Even experts get caught up in the excitement of the draft, focusing on where rookies will impact teams in significant roles. Unless a team drafts some sort of kicker, nobody thinks about the...

Jones glad to land with Steelers


Sometimes, players who are expected to go in the first ten picks of the draft take it personally when they fall to a later team. Jones doesn't see it that way. He's right where he wants to be.

Tomlin sets expectations for rookie class

It's understandable why Tomlin would keep his sights lower on his 2013 draft class. Judging by the 2012 class's general issues, both self-caused and unexpected, lower is better.

Steelers 'lack creativity' in their front office


One writer somehow draws a comparison between Steelers first round pick Jarvis Jones and former Steelers great James Harrison. This is, according to the writer, a bad thing.

Golic named to Best Undrafted Rookies list


Notre Dame interior offensive lineman Mike Golic Jr. has a great opportunity to impress coaches at multiple positions this preseason.

Wheaton vs. Sanders

If NFL.com writer Gregg Rosenthal is correct, and Wheaton beats out Sanders for the starting spot opposite Brown, should the Steelers have let Sanders go to the Patriots?

Steelers' rookies get jersey numbers

Rookie minicamp starts today in Pittsburgh, and their jersey numbers have been determined by the team.

Steelers QB situation was getting old


For the past few seasons, the Steelers relied on long-time veterans to backup their franchise quarterback. According to Kevin Colbert, it was time to change their minds.

Colbert calls Bell an NFL back


Before the draft, whether the Steelers would draft a running back was still a question. The Steelers answered with a pick in round-two and have continued to invest more and more hope in him ever...

Is the 4th round where you find your franchise QB?

With so much expected from NFL quarterbacks in 2013, it's hard to imagine a player such as Landry Jones, picked in the fourth round by the Steelers, being pegged as the heir apparent to a franchise...

McShay says "other" Jones is Steelers best pick


Unlike pretty much everyone else, Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay names Landry Jones as the team's best pick in the recent draft, and Jarvis Jones is tabbed as the questionable pick.

'Why would they kick it to Reggie Dunn?'

Why would they kick it to Reggie Dunn? It seems rhetorical in nature, but perhaps the Steelers signed Dunn after the draft to make teams answer that question this season.

Haley happy Wheaton ran a 4.45


Maybe Steelers third round pick Markus Wheaton felt badly about running "only" a 4.45 40-yard dash. Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley didn't care; he was happy he did.

Pittsburgh ranked seventh in TV market for Draft

As the proud and storied franchise attempted to pick itself up off the mat after falling flat in 2012, released television ratings from the draft illustrate an entire city which was perched on the...

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