Steelers Draft History

Is There Really Gold in Them Thar Hills?


or, more to the point, have teams like the Steelers, the Ravens, and the Patriots really found a way to identify better-than-average players in the lower rounds of the NFL Draft? (Part III in a...

Steelers O and D lines battle of hads vs. had-nots


The Steelers have drafted offensive and defensive linemen in the first round of recent drafts, but it was the grinders who got contracts this offseason. The disparity between the two makes for an...

Does crime pay in the NFL Draft?


or, more precisely, does Bill Belichick-style horse trading pay off? Steelers fans are adjured to be very patient while we examine some of New England's trade strategies and compare them (at long...

Cowher vs Tomlin Draft Records

Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin vie for Steeler Nation's second favorite Steelers head coach. How do the draft selections of these two men compare in terms of the talent they thought they saw in the...

AFC North Drafting, 2001-2012: An In-Depth Look


And heck, let's throw the Pats in for kicks. Part One of a series comparing the AFC North and the New England Patriots to the league average.

Steelers Drafting vs. League Average, 2001-2012


A graphic look, if you will, at how the past decade of drafts have measured up.

Revisiting the Steelers draft class of 2011


It's been too early to fairly evaluate the Steelers draft class of 2011, but early indications are hot and cold, with multiple players being on the fence.

Revisiting the draft class of 2010


The Steelers picked up a solid group of players from the top and the bottom of the 2010 Draft, and the 2013 season could show the value found in that draft is even higher than it's seen as today.

Revisiting the draft class of 2009


The Steelers were again World Champions, although this time, they selected 32nd overall, the highest spot the franchise has ever drafted (they traded up in 2006). Their strategy was to exploit a...

Revisiting the draft class of 2008


There's a reason why the Steelers no longer have any members of the 2008 Draft class on their roster, and it's not because they were all too expensive to sign.


Revisiting the draft class of 2006


Opportunity was there in 2006 and the Steelers worked to make something happen. While they picked up a player who will be forever etched in Steelers history, they didn't get much long-term return...

Revisiting the draft class of 2005


Tack on another ace in the first round, and another great group of undrafted rookies to the Steelers' mounting level of success in the mid-2000s.

Revisiting the draft class of 2004


The Steelers selected 11th in 2004. They haven't selected that high since then, largely because of the player they selected with that 11th overall pick. While they added only one other long-term...

Revisiting the draft class of 2003


In a series highlighting the last 10 Steelers drafts 10 days before the start of the 2013 NFL Draft, we look at 2003, the smallest draft class in team history. It's also one of the most Boom and...

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