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Steelers 2008 Draft Serves as Cautionary Tale for 2012


A blue chip player inexplicably falls to the Steelers in the first round. In the second the Steelers also snag "first rounder woulda been." Something similar happens in round five. And viola, the Steelers have a great draft. Sound familiar? It should, because much of what transpired with the Steelers 2012 draft also occurred in 2008…. ….OK. Steelers Nation should be excited about the 2012 draft, but the links here show how history teaches us to temper our enthusiasm, if just a tad.

Steelers Draft in Review: Final Thoughts


Rather than drawing this out any more than I have to, I'll be brief with the last two picks and give a few final thoughts on the draft.  Mike Humpal, ILB, 6'3 244 Strengths/Weaknesses: Humpal...

The Best Steelers Draft In Years


Turn your mind back three months in time. To the Super Bowl. Two minutes left in the game. Eli Manning drops back to pass, looks to his right, and fires. Think back to that moment, when you saw...

Steelers Draft in Review: Round 5


It's easy to go over the top with optimism or pessimism about any draft, but it's rarely as good or as bad as we think it could be.  I’m going to try to give a tempered analysis of the players we...

Know Your New Steelers: Limas Sweed, Part 2


You won't find many bigger Steelers fans than myself, which is why I helped Blitz launch this site and still contribute material from time to time. But most of my writing time is devoted to my T...

Welcome Mike Humpal to Pittsburgh


I've not yet mentioned the addition of Iowa LB Mike Humpall, a 6th round selection of this year's draft. Let's take a look at some of Humpal's measurables and collegiate accomplishments: Height: 6...

Steelers Cap Off Solid 2008 Draft With Interesting Mix of Day 2 Picks


Before highlighting the Steelers' Day 2 selections individually, a few thoughts about this year's draft. 1. Weak Draft For Several Critical Positions:  This was a very, very weak draft for LBs,...

Defensive Linemen Still Available in 2008 NFL Draft


We'll go into it more tomorrow and this coming week, but I think most of us Steelers fans are fairly excited by the additions of RB Rashard Mendenhall and WR Limas Sweed. But, amidst our elation...

Pittsburgh Steelers Select Rashard Mendenhall With First Round Pick


Who is Rashard Mendenhall? We all know his name, but we didn't spend much time discussing him here at The Curtain because, well, we didn't think it likely he'd even be available. But with NFL teams...

2008 NFL Draft Live Blog - Picks 1-16


We're just about 20 minutes away from the commencement of the 2008 NFL Draft. I'm all geared and ready to go and I think this is how I'm going to cover the event: We'll break the first round into...

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