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Making the Grade: The Defensive Line....

The defensive line had a fair game on Sunday, limiting LT to just 36 yards on 13 carries. LT's backup Michael Turner, did provide a small spark for the Chargers in the 2nd half with 56 yards on just 11 carries. Casey Hampton, Aaron Smith and Brett Keisel all made a number of plays in the running game, but they seemed to lose some of their edge late in the game. None of the three were able to draw enough attention while pass rushing to open up the kind of gaps that are needed for blitzing LBs and DBs to get to the quarterback. When legs were fresh in the 1st half, there were gaping holes for blitzers to shoot through, and we made life hell for Phillip Rivers for most of the 1st half. As we wore down in the 2nd half, the interior pass rush weakened, and so did our ability to make Phillips hurry.

Grade: B