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Week Five Power Rankings

It's that time of the week again, boys and girls. Yes, the Power Rankings for week five are ready for public consumption.

Finally, same as always - comments, critiques, snarky digs, questions - all welcome.

Team's ranking last week in parentheses.

BTSC AFC Power Rankings, Week 5
Team Comment
1. San Diego (6) Phillip Rivers might not play like Joe Montana every week, but they've got a scary good defense and an emerging offense. Absolutely legit.
2. Indianapolis (1) There's no such thing as a bad win. But Sunday's was close.
3. New England (3) I'm not sure they have enough offense to be as good as they've been in the past, but it's a very solid squad.
4. Jacksonville (4) Maurice Jones-Drew is the sh*t. As tough a home team as you'll find in the AFC.
5. Denver (5) Credit where it's due: they held off the Ravens. Still, do you trust Plummer?
6. Cincinnati (7) A much-needed bye week to get things re-focused. Probably the divisional favorites at this point.
7. Baltimore (2) Okay, Steve McNair's mediocrity finally caught up to this team. Offense remains a problem.
8. Kansas City (11) It took a 13-0 fourth quarter to win, but they'll take it. This team's not out of anything yet.
9. Pittsburgh (8) For a quarter, things looked great. Then the Chargers took over. Ben's slow start is crippling the offense. He's improving, but not playing winning football yet.
10. Buffalo (10) No penalty for getting bombed by the red hot Bears.
11. NY Jets (9) That's just an embarrassing loss. Goodness.
12. Cleveland (12) This team is decent on defense, slow on offense. 4-12 sounds about right.
13. Houston (13) DNP
14. Miami (14) When the Joey Harrington era is announced, you know the ship has officially sunk. I'm stunned at how bad they've been. Stunned.
15. Tennessee (15) There were real signs of improvement for both Vince Young and the Titan defense. Good news for a team with some raw upside.
16. Oakland (16) Is it safe to lock them in this spot for the rest of the year? Looking that way.