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Making the Grade: Ben Roethlisberger....

Ok, enough banter about how Big Ben's 'not quite right'. Roethlisberger dissected a vastly improved Kansas City Chiefs defense, completing 16-of-19 passes for 2 TDs and 238 yards. Much of the credit of course, goes to the offensive line for giving him superior protection all day long and for opening up gigantic holes in the running game. Ben still had to make the right reads and throws however, and he did.

Roethlisberger had mentioned earlier in the week that he was still acclamating himself to the deceptive speed of Santonio Holmes. This week they appeared to be on the same page, as Roethlisberger hit the shifty rookie WR on two timing routes, one that resulted in a 50 yard pass play early in the game. I mention this because we're only going to be an effective offense if Roethlisberger has options other than Hines and Heath to throw the ball to.

Big Ben distributed the ball well, hitting 7 different receivers on the day. He was precise throwing short, intermediate, and even long balls. Again, the offensive line can't be given enough credit for the demolition yesterday, but let us not forget that Ben has had time to throw the ball in other games this year (the game against Cincy immediately comes to mind). It was just a matter of time before the confident QB got it going. For a week at least, it seems as if he's back.

Grade: A