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Making the Grade: The Receivers....

Yet another unit that had a solid showing on Sunday. Hines Ward caught 5 passes for 58 yards and a TD; Nate Washington got into the endzone after catching a deep ball and bouncing off a safety; Cedrick Wilson made a nifty catch on a ball thrown near the turf; and Santonio Holmes got things going early and often for us with his 50 yard catch and run. There were no dropped balls, no miscommunications between the receivers and Big Ben, and to boot, all took a page out of Hines Ward's book and did a good job blocking down the field.

I believe much of Ben's early season struggles have had more to do with his cohesion with the receivers than anything else. It's hard to make confident, precise, and timely reads when you're just not sure where your receivers are going to be on the football field. If we continue to work hard (and it sure appears as if we have shored some things up since the BYE week), this unit will continue to improve and provide the running game with the complimentary threat it needs to be consistent on a weekly basis.

Grade: A