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One More Word about the Chiefs Game...

Before we move on and begin thinking about this Sunday's game in Atlanta, I wanted to bask once more in the glow of how impressive we were against the Chiefs. We all know that Vegas oddsmakers rarely make spreads higher than 10-15 points in the NFL; the games are usually that close. Even the lowly Titans were less than three touchdown 'dogs to the Indianapolis Colts a few week ago. The talent edge amongst the best and worst teams is definitely real, but it's nowhere near as severe as it is in college football. The talent difference between the Browns and Steelers is microscopic compared to even the talent differences between Mississippi State and Auburn. I don't even need to mention the talent disparities between programs like Ohio State and Bowling Green who played each other this past weekend.

I took a look at the entire 2005 season to see how many games were won by more than 5 touchdowns. I knew there was a Monday Night game involving the Packers and the Saints that was an utter blowout, but I was curious as to how many other games were as lopsided as our game this past Sunday.

Well, looks like my hypothesis was more or less correct. The Chargers beat the Buffalo Bills 48-10; Baltimore beat Green Bay 48-3 (I think the announcers were ready to annoint Kyle Boller as the next great QB after this one); Pittsburgh dusted Cleveland 41-0; Seattle beat Philadelphia 42-0; Green Bay beat New Orleans 52-3; and Seattle beat the lowly 49ers 41-3.

That's 5 games all year. The games may be even tighter this year. Jacksonville did beat the Jets 41-0, but no other game has been decided by 5 or more touchdowns.

Just food for thought as we get ready for an even bigger road test against the Falcons. Last week was a wonderful reminder that this team has all the ingredients to be great. Let's put it all together for a second game in a row.