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AFC Power Rankings, Week 6

It's that time of the week again, boys and girls. Yes, the Power Rankings for week six are ready for public consumption.

Finally, same as always - comments, critiques, snarky digs, questions - all welcome.

Team's ranking last week in parentheses.

BTSC AFC Power Rankings, Week 6
Team Comment
1. San Diego (1) AFC favorites? Might be. Looking ahead at the schedule, they could go 14-2.
2. Indianapolis (2) DNP. A chance to get the offense in gear, which has been merely adequate.
3. New England (3) DNP. Don't know that this team is built for the playoffs. They'll be there, though.
4. Jacksonville (4) DNP. No reason to penalize any of our top teams this week.
5. Denver (5) Some of you are ready to move up the Broncos, but 1) the offense is still lousy, 2) Plummer is still mediocre, and 3) Shannahan is still the coach. So...
6. Pittsburgh (9) I don't want to overreact, but the Steelers should have beat the Begals, walloped the Chiefs, and are better than Baltimore. The division title is still well within reach.
7. Baltimore (6) Losing to Carolina's not so bad. But the offense -is- bad.
8.. Cincinnati (7) A loss to Tampa Bay? Really? Something's broken.
9. Kansas City (9) They ran into a hurricane on Sunday. Hard to evaluate them right now.
10. NY Jets (11) They beat Joey Harrington. Well, duh.
11. Buffalo (10) Losing to Detroit is pretty bad. There are some awful offenses at the bottom of this conference..
12. Cleveland (12) DNP.
13. Tennessee (15) Vince was better, Henry was better, the defense was better. Solid road win for this young team.
14. Houston (13) Bombed by the Cowboys. Vince and the Titans come to Houston Sunday.
15. Miami (14) I thought this team would be good. Good! They're awful. Wow.
16. Oakland (16) Is it safe to lock them in this spot for the rest of the year? Looking that way.