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AFC Power Rankings, Week 4

It's that time of the week again, boys and girls. Yes, the Power Rankings for week three are ready for public consumption.

Finally, same as always - comments, critiques, snarky digs, questions - all welcome.

Team's ranking last week in parentheses.

BTSC AFC Power Rankings, Week 4
Team Comment
1. Indianapolis (1) A road win in the NFL is never an easy thing. No penalty for the close win, but there's obviously room to improve.
2. Baltimore (4) It's not necessarily pretty, but that's what they said in 2000, too.
3. New England (8) Absolutely thumped the Bengals. The emergence of Gabriel, if it sticks, changes everything.
4. Jacksonville (3) The 'Skins are tough at FedEx. Not a bad loss at all.
5. Denver (6) They get the Ravens next Monday night - we'll learn a lot about both teams.
6. San Diego (5) I'm not sold they can be anything more than good. That's fine, but there's a ceiling here.
7. Cincinnati (2) If the Steelers don't gift the Bengals their game, it's Cincy who's reeling.
8. Pittsburgh (7) DNP; Steelers must get in a rhythm. Since the motorcycle accident, everything's been wacky.
9. NY Jets (9) They're on their way back to relevancy. Quicker than I expected.
10. Buffalo (10) A nice win for the AFC over the solid Vikings. At Chicago next week, though.
11. Kansas City (13) Yes, it was just the Niners. Still, wow. Dominance.
12. Cleveland (11) A nice comeback for the Browns after a horrid first half.
13. Houston (15) They're on the board! Woo hoo! Mario Williams even had a sack!
14. Miami (12) What an awful loss. Nick Saban is lost. Note: Culpepper can throw down the field. Try it.
15. Tennessee (14) Vince couldn't march on the Cowboys, but it was the Titan defense that was truly embarrassing.
16. Oakland (16) Uh, they should be drafting high next year. That's good, sort of.