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Quarterback Controversies...

This is a site dedicated to the Steelers, so I won't delve too deep into this subject. But, I wanted to comment on what I saw last night during the Monday Night game between the Cowboys and the Giants.

I was absolutely shocked to see Tony Romo come off the sidelines to start the 2nd half. Shocked. Dumbfounded.

Benching a veteran QB with over 30,000+ yards for his career? Benching your starter after a victory just last week? Bringing in an unproven commodity with a 3-2 record? Down by a mere 5 points? Unbelievable.

Say want you want about Bledsoe. He has mobility and occasional decision-making issues, that much is undeniable. But it's equally clear that he gives this team the best chance to win NOW.

Did anyone see the sacks? There was only one where Bledsoe held on to the ball too long. The others? No time at all. Giant defenders were on top of him and there was nothing he, nor Romo could have done to avoid the sacks.

If Parcells decides to stick with Romo, there's going to be all sorts of tension in that locker room. Especially if he doesn't bring immediate results. Bledsoe is a generally well liked figure in the locker room, and I'd bet a bunch of his teamates are equally surprised by his benching at that point in the game and season.

I'm happy Romo came in and stunk up the joint. He was terrible. He telegraphed his balls, forced it into tight spots, and was clearly not on the same page with his receivers. Yes he made a couple of nice throws in garbage time, and yes he seemed more inclined to throw it to T.O, no matter if he was double or triple teamed. Still, Tony Romo will not be a winning QB in the NFL in 2006. Tony Romo will not give this team more opportunities to win games than Drew Bledsoe. Period.

That Bill Parcells thought otherwise absolutely astounds me.