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Pick 'Em Challenge: Week 7 Standings

It was a rough week for the group. There was not one person who picked Tampa Bay, and I believe only one who took Oakland.

Week 7 Results

Hines Field 6
Sean Yuille 6
draftday 6
Mikey 5
Scruffy Lefty 5
steelerark 5
Bounding Muppet 5
Skin Patrol 4
Big7BenMVP 4
steelerinchicago 4
VinceYoungsTriceps 4
Pittslinda 4
roxtar 3
TexSkins 3
ChrisPokorny 3
zknower 3
TheSportsGuru 3
schnifin 2

I'm a bit behind on my writing and other work so I'm going to skip posting the overall standings this week. Refer back to last week's standings if you'd like to calculate where you stand.