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To Play or Not to Play?

That is the question surrounding Big Ben for this weekend's game against the now victorious Oakland Raiders. Roethlisberger is presently listed as questionable. That tells me that Big Ben will ultimately have the green light from the medical staff to take the field Sunday. Just a hunch, but if correct, should he play?

If there was ever a 'must-win' game, it would be this one. We're supposed to beat the Raiders: we're more talented, more experienced, and better coached. Part of me believes that if Ben can go, he should, beacuse of we drop this one, the party's over.

My more rational side says let the young man sit. Why risk further injury to such a promising young talent and leader? He's been bruised and battered for quite some time now, and the BYE week has already come and gone. As we have discussed on this site before, perhaps Ben can not be trusted either to make the smart decision. Not because he's stupid necessarily; rather he just wants to be out there competing with his teamates. This is probably the easiest slot on our schedule.  Let's utilize it and give our QB a chance to recoup. I'm extremely pleased with the way he has played the past two games, and I'd hate to jeopardize the rest of this season, not to mention his career potentially, with a decision that is made out of desperation. Plus, we should still be able to handle Oakland with Batch at the controls.

Yay? Nay?