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Quick Hits...

Before we begin to look ahead to this Sunday's pivotal game against the San Diego Chargers, let's take a look at some of the top headlines from around the league.

*We of course have all heard about Albert Haynesworth and his actions last Sunday. Today, Haynesworth was suspended five games by new commissioner Roger Goodell. I'm sure many will disagree with me, but I personally think this punishment is far too severe. I do believe his actions were disgusting, and in no way do they belong in the game of football, but the punishment essentially classifies him as having committed one of the top 5 worst offenses in the history of sports. I just don't see that.  

*Good news and bad news from Steeler's headquarters. The good news is Troy Polamalu's shoulder injury is progressing nicely. A week of junk-food and the movie Spaceballs has seemingly done wonders for both his psyche and his health. The bad news is Najeh Davenport was hurt yesterday in practice. `Dookie' limped off the field with an icebag on his right leg. The extent of the injuries is not yet known.

*Well, Roger Goodell certainly took the law into his own hands with the suspension of Albert Haynesworth. The comish is not the only one cracking the whip though. Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis deactivated WR Chris Henry for last Sunday's game against the Patriots and he has hinted that he might do so again. I'm not holding my breath. I've always wondered how Lewis would handle situations like these if they came up mid-season, not during minicamp or the preseason. Will he follow through and truly send a message to his players, or will he renege on his threat?

*Lions WR Roy Williams can't keep his mouth shut. Last time it was him declaring that he `didn't care what the score was' while answering why he was celebrating with the Lions in a big hole. This time Williams is questioning the personnel decisions of the Lions coaching staff. The 3rd year WR out of Texas wondered aloud why underachieving WR Mike Williams is not seeing more playing time. Maybe he deserves to play, maybe he doesn't, but I don't think it's his place to even bring up the conversation given the current situation of the organization. God knows the last thing the Lions need is another irrational opinion permeating the team. The team already has to deal with one of the more skewed versions of reality with head honcho Matt Millen. Keep your mouth shut Roy and play football.

*Poor Ricky Williams. First he breaks his arm, then he suffers a freak accident on the steps of the locker room door, re-aggravating a heel injury that has bothered him in the past. Fortunately, the injury does not appear serious and Williams is expected to return to practice with the Toronto Argonauts as early as today.