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Making the Grade: The Receivers...

Amidst all the negative things that happened during last night's defeat, did anybody notice that Santonio Holmes had a solid game running routes and catching the ball? He only had two catches for 22 yards, but he displayed good hands and some toughness on both catches. He's only going to get better and better as the year progresses and as the unspoken comfort level between he and Ben continues to grow.

Hines Ward and Nate Washington also had their moments in what was an impressive offensive performance by Ben and his receivers during the first half. In the second half, we couldn't get on the field, and when we did, they did a better job of making Ben rush through his reads.

Given how poorly our receivers played during our loss to the Bengals, it was at least relieving to see us hold onto the ball when it was delivered to the right place. Santonio Holmes better continue to develop though, and we better start finding ways to make him a threat that needs to be considered when gameplanning against us, because as of now, Cedrick Wilson has done very little to prove that he's a #2 caliber receiver in the NFL. Teams are keying in on the running game, Hines, and Heath Miller. We're going to need somebody else to make just one or two more critical plays throughout the course of each game. All in all, not a bad performance.

Grade: B+