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Tough Game to Get Back on Track...

Pardon my absence today. In fact, you'll have to pardon it this weekend as well while I'm in Las Vegas. I will have my computer, but I'm assuming you guys will understand if I am largely preoccupied :)

Now, on to the game. After last week's humiliating loss to the Raiders, I'm sure most Steeler fans would say they wish we weren't playing the Denver Broncos this week. Denver's good. Real good. They are what we aren't: Disciplined and mistake-averse.

We all have heard about what Denver's defense has accomplished this year, at least up until last week. The Broncos yielded 34 to Peyton and the Colts last week in the loss.

Now, I wouldn't mind a divisional home game against Cleveland, but maybe a bigtime challenge like the Broncos is just what the Steelers need to get their season turned around. Make no mistake about it. We have to go on a HUGE winning streak to have a shot at the playoffs. It takes serious momentum to go on a winning streak in this league (and the right schedule). To start a winning streak, you sometimes have to pass a big initial test while your backs are against the wall.

We're at home. Everybody's written Big Ben and the defending Super Bowl Champs off. If Coach Cowher is worth a hill of beans, he'll have his players more focused, more determined, and more hungry than they've been since last years playoffs.

One game at a time. Let's get it done.