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Thoughts From Around the AFC...

Here are my jumbled thoughts from Week 10 in the NFL:

*Let me start with Baltimore and the AFC North. Damn, did anybody watch the Ravens-Titans game yesterday? The Titans were in complete control during the first half and took a 26-7 lead into halftime. Baltimore scored the next 20 to win it. Down by 1 with a shade under a minute to go, Vince Young led the Titans into FG range. Rob Bironas lined up for a 41 yard FG, which is more or less a lock in the NFL, and had it blocked. Had that not happened, Pittsburgh would have been only 3 games back of Baltimore with 2 games yet to be played against them. That's hardly insurmountable. Instead, Pittsburgh is still 4 games back of the AFC North frontrunners.

*How about that Chargers-Bengals game. 950+ combined total yards, 90 points, and a 42 point 2nd half for San Diego. Crazy. I'm convinced Phillip Rivers is going to be a Pro-Bowl quarterback for years to come. Just listen to him during press conferences. He sounds like a guy who was born to lead a football team.

*Can anybody figure out Kansas City. They got dusted by the Steelers, win back-to-back contests against Seattle and San Diego, then lay an egg against the suddenly resurgent Miami Dolphins. Does Damon Huard's pitiful showing on Sunday re-open the door for Trent Green's return next week?

*How about those Houston Texans? I still think they're a joke and I'd hate to be a fan of that franchise, but I'm sure glad they took care of the Jaguars. For one, I generally dislike Jacksonville. Secondly, they're competing for that 2nd Wild Card spot. I know we're miles away from legitimately being in contention (especially since we lose a tiebreaker to both the Bengals and Jags), but I'm still holding out hope for a playoff berth until we're officially eliminated. Like the Chiefs, the Jaguars have been wildly inconsistent this year. One week they look like contenders in the AFC, the next week they look like an 8-8 team.

*The New York Jets continue to find ways to win games. Just last week, they lost on the road to Cleveland and many expected their season would slowly begin to head south after a trip to Foxboro. Not so fast. The Jets pulled off the upset on the muddy field in New England, and now find themselves tied for the final playoff berth in the AFC. The good news for Jets fans is that they still have games against Houston, Buffalo, Oakland, Miami, and quickly faltering Minnesota. This could be a 10 win team under first year head coach Eric Mangini.