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Quick Hits...

*I was pretty surprised to see Hines Ward playing on Sunday. Obviously he wasn't particularly effective, but it was typical of Hines to be out there playing hurt. Well, turns out Ward has a broken bone and will undergo arthoscopic surgery . Ward is expected to miss at least one week, but I'd be fine with him taking the necessary precautions to ensure his long-term health.

*Speaking of injured Steelers, Troy Polamalu will miss at least two games with a sprained MCL. Fortunately, Polamalu's injury will not require surgery. Even if we had won against Baltimore, it would have been hard to sustain a prolonged winning streak with both Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu on the shelf with injuries. It's just not our year.

*I think the argument can be made that quarterbacks, especially seasoned veterans, should be allowed to call more of the plays on the field themselves. In Washington this Sunday, QB Jason Campbell's in-helemt radio malfunctioned , forcing the young signal caller to improvise and call a play himself. Turns out, the play he called was the game-winning 66-yard touchdown to TE Chris Cooley. The score was mostly the result of poor tackling, but still, kudos to Campbell for maintaining his poise and not burning a timeout.

*The Chicago Bears and Lovie Smith are sticking with Rex Grossman. It is hard to make a change when you're 9-2, but I still contend that the Bears can not, and will not win, a Super Bowl with Rex Grossman at the controls. He's too wreckless, and not accurate enough in my mind to avoid having a big day at some point in the playoffs. When he's hot, he's great, but when he's not at the top of his game, he's below average. Who knows if he'll get hot at the right time for the Bears. It seems like a big gamble to me.