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Opposing Player Profile: Scott Fujita

He may not look like the sharpest tool in the shed, but he can play.

Pretty much everybody agrees that the Saints have overachieved to a certain extent in 2006. They were a 3-13 football team a year ago, overhauled their roster, and came into this season with Sean Payton, one of the younger head coaches in all of the NFL. The New Orleans offense certainly deserves its fair share of the accolades for the Saints' success, but really it's the defense that has overachieved this year. Anchoring that defense is Scott Fujita.

Fujita joined the Saints this offseason after playing all 16 games for the Cowboys in 2005. His first three seasons were spent with the Chiefs when Kansas City sported some of the worst defenses in the league. Fujita's not a superstar, never has been, and never will. But, he's been extremely reliable and dependable for the Saints thus far.

One of Fujita's better attributes is his durability. In 4+ seaons in the NFL, Fujita is yet to miss a game. For a guy that racked up more than 200 tackles in a 2-year period , that's pretty impressive. He also makes up for his comparatively pedestrian athleticism with a keen nose for the football. Look up and chances are Fujita's somewhere near the football.

On the year, Fujita's registered 55 tackles, deflected 5 passes, picked off 2 passes, and tallied 2.5 sacks. He does a little bit of everything well, and I suspect we'll see him wrapping up Willie Parker on several occassions on Sunday.