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Quick Hits....

*The New York Giants are ridiculously banged up. The latest to go down is Amani Toomer is out for the year after opting to have surgery on his knee. MRIs revealed Toomer had a partical tear to his ACL. Toomer's not the most dangerous threat the Giants have; in fact, he may not even be the 4th best. But, he does seem to have several big games each year that catalyze the Giants to victory. Anytime you lose a player who holds franchise records it hurts.

*What are the Chiefs going to do when Trent Green is 100% healthy? Green is not yet cleared for contact, so he won't play Sunday, but it sounds as if Green is about two weeks away at most from being ready to go. I would stick with Damon Huard if I were Herm Edwards. Huard seems to have a pretty good command of the offense, the Chiefs are winning games, and he's now the 2nd rated passer in the NFL.

*Terrel Owens vows to be a "different person" in the 2nd half of the season. Parcell's was asked if the Cowboys were satisfied with the play of Owens:

Look it, I'm not getting into it. I know we are ready to get everybody under the bus here now, but I'm not going to do it. Let's just say he's made a pretty good contribution and I'm hoping we can get better in the second half.

Time for T.O to actually make some plays. His drop against the Redskins Sunday was a costly mistake. The good news for Owens and the Cowboys is that the Cardinals are coming to town.

*The Bears offense is close to being a mediocre unit. One or two injuries and they'll be exposed once again as a good team with a great defense that has difficulty coming up with the big plays on offense when needed. Bernard Berrion, who was torching defenders for the first month of the season, is injured. His replacement, Mark Bradley will be expected to acclimate himself to the Bears offense on short notice and make plays opposite Muhsin Muhammad. Unproven contributors Rashien Davis and Justin Cage also figure to play bigger roles in the Bears offense. I fully expect Grossman to struggle against a stout Giants defense.