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Ike Taylor Benched....

Coach Cowher made a bold move Thursday, benching cornerback Ike Taylor for Sunday's game against the Saints. For a week at least, Taylor will be used only in dime packages, when the Steelers depoloy 6 guys in the secondary. Taylor is trying to remain upbeat:

It's just something I've got to fight my way through," Taylor said. "[Cowher] just said, 'Fight your way out of it,' and that's what I've got to do.

I'm glad that Cowher isn't just accepting the poor start and unfortunate breaks the Steelers have had this year. Remember, Taylor recently signed a 5-year extension in September worth more than $20 million dollars. That's big bucks for a cornerback, and quite uncharacteristic of what Steeler players are usually offered. Despite all this, Taylor hasn't earned the right to keep his job. He's hurt the team in multiple games this week, most recently when he got lit up by Jevon Walker and the Broncos. If he's a competitor, which I believe he is, he'll bounce back and hopefully be stronger and better than before.