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One More Thought About the Carolina Offense....

I was re-examining Carolina's performance last week against the NY Giants at home, and realized I had not commented adequately on just how out of whack the Carolina offense is. Take a look at these team statistics . Carolina threw the ball 61 times out of 76 total offensive plays! With Chris Weinke, the backup starting! Did I mention it was a home game too??

That really is absurd folks. I don't think Carolina has the most talented backfield in the league, but it's also not the worst. DeShaun Foster was available, but only got the ball 8 times. What's even harder to comprehend is why DeAngelo Williams only got two carries. Williams is averaging a health 4.6 yards per carry, and will more than likely pass 500 yards for the season in his rookie year...that is if John Fox would actually run the football.

This is a team with NO identity on offense right. None. Period. We should be able to maintain our streak of solid performances by the defense. Now, if we could only get Willie Parker and the running game to have a big day while playing away from Heinz Field.