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Injury Update....

A quick update on the injury front.

Mike Logan (hamstring)
Troy Polamalu (knee)
Cedrick Wilson (ankle)

Ryan Clark (groin)
Jeff Hartings (knee)
Hines Ward (knee)

A couple of thoughts

  1. I wouldn't mind Anthony Smith getting the majority of the snaps, even if Ryan Clark does play. I thought he was a difference maker last week, and I see no reason why he shouldn't be given the opportunity to play. Tyrone Carter was solid last week, but I'd rather see Smith get the bulk of the playing time alongside Clark if he does play.
  2. It's pretty impressive that Hines Ward will be on the field Sunday after his knee injury. Don't be surprised if he makes a big play or two on Sunday.
  3. Has anybody else enjoyed watching Sean Morey the past several weeks? He's been great on special teams and actually did a decent job as a WR last game with both Ward and Wilson out.
  4. Jeff Hartings does not miss football games. He'll be out there Sunday.