steelers playoff possibilities

I just signed up and read recent posts...I have analyzed playoff scenarios for 2 days now and to comment on posts here...  Steelers only have tiebreakers over KC and Miami...thus ONLY one(1) out of Denver, Jax, Cincy, Jets can finish better than 8-8 after Steelers run table.  Also, Buffalo and Tennessee have to lose 1 of their 3 games as well and finish no better than 8-8 as they also have tiebreaker over Steelers.  NFL was correct in stating Cincy and Jax can not both win. A 9-7 Cincy record would most likely result in common games exact tie with then goes to conference record which Cincy wins if 9-7.  
That said, I am optomistic that at least 3 teams can fall to 8-8, if not all 4.    Jets play two tough road games they will lose, Jax has brutal schedule.  Jake Cutler may not win again and Cincy has tough game this Mon.
Anyways, for this week we need to root hard for Tenn, Indy, Zona, Minn, SD....all play at home.     It could happen.  It is not outlandish!!
I am excited!!!!
Also, Miami over Buff, helpful, but not a must.

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