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What to Watch For: Week 15

Ok, I'm going to take off my black and gold goggles for just a minute (partially at least) to present my Week 15 Game-Watching Guide. I'm rating this weekend's games on a scale of 1-to-5: 1 being 'Avoid this game like you would a camel spider ; 5 being 'Pay you would if she was talking to you.

Dallas at Atlanta: 4

Prior to Jim Mora's moronic interview on a Seattle radio show , I truly felt Atlanta was going to take down the Cowboys and dramatically improve their position for a Wild Card in the NFC. I'm not so sure anymore. With everything at stake tomorrow for Atlanta, Mora basically told his players that there was no reason to play hard for him and the organization--after all, he would quit on them if given the opportunity. We'll have to see how this effects the Falcons (if at all) tomorrow night.

Everybody was ready to crown Dallas champions of the NFC two weeks ago. If they lose on the road tomorrow night, they'll be at 8-6, and would be guaranteed to no longer be atop the NFC East. NYG and Philly play each other, with the winner guaranteed to be at 8-6 with a better divisional record than the Cowboys. As for Atlanta? It's a crapshoot picking which Falcons team will show up. But, they've already done their disappearing act for a month this year. Are they ready to go on another mini-streak that leaves everybody scratching their head? We'll find out tomorrow night.

Jacksonville at Tennessee: 5

Even if this game didn't have playoff implications for the Steelers, I would still consider it one of the more intriguing matchups this weekend. Jacksonville is coming off their most impressive performance of the year against the Colts last week, and we all know what Vince Young, Pacman Jones, and the Tennessee Titans have accomplished since Young became the full-time starter two months ago.

This game features two polished running attacks. And, although the Titans defense is nowhere near as talented as the Jaguars, they too have played well since getting blasted by the Jaguars 6 weeks ago.

Get it done Titans.

NY Jets at Minnesota: 3

This is actually a very mediocre football game for the casual fan. Don't forget to check in on the score, but don't bother trying to find much entertainment watching these two teams play.

Denver at Arizona: 4

Does anybody else look at Jay Cutler and think to themselves: 'Gosh, this guy really doesn't have the look of a winner.'?

Think of Phillip think of the exact opposite and you have Jay Cutler. The guy couldn't win squat in college, and I really don't expect him to be that special in the pros, at least not anytime soon. Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but think of some of the great pro quarterbacks in the league today and think of what they were able to accomplish in college: Drew Brees led Purdue (hardly a football powerhouse) to their first Rose Bowl in decades; Ben Roethlisberger won boatloads of games at Miami of Ohio; Chad Pennington put Marshall program on the national map, etc. etc.

Cutler couldn't even lead his team to one bowl berth in 4 years. I don't think he's a winner.

I digress. Arizona is playing a bit better the past several weeks. We sure need them to keep it up at home this Sunday. One final thought...You know our chances are somewhat grim when we're depending on Arizona to get it done!

St. Louis at Oakland: 1

Take a break from the Denver-Arizona game to check in on this potential thriller. Wait, don't. Can you believe Oakland is favored in this one by 2.5 points? As bad as St. Louis is playing, that might be easy money.

Cincinnati at Indianapolis: 5

Two high-octaned offenses, fantasy football implications galore, two teams heading in opposite directions...this game has it all.

Go Colts...first and last time I'll say those words.