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Cincinnati Loses: Steelers Playoff Chances Remain Alive

The Steelers survive another game...

With Cincinnati's loss, the Steelers live another day. Thank you, thank you, Peyton Manning for taking a moment from pimping Master Card to thrash the Bungals.


Here's where we are.

The Steelers are one game behind Cincinnati, but have a serious tiebreaker problem with the Bengals. In an ideal world, Pittsburgh needs the Broncos to take out the Bungals again next week, setting up a regular season finale showdown with the men of the black and gold. (That assumes, of course, a Pittsburgh win over Baltimore - hardly a given.)

If Cincinnati does manage to beat Denver next week, the Steelers would be reduced to hoping for a huge combination of events. The current best case scenario involves Cincinnati falling to Denver next weekend.

For now, we thank the Colts for their effort and ask Denver to step up next weekend.

This. Thing. Ain't. Over.

But first things first... we have to beat Baltimore. We'll dive into the Ravens in detail starting tomorrow: Who's beat them? How? And what must Pittsburgh to do to earn the win?

All that matters right now, though, is that we're alive.

Go Steelers!