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Around the League...

*It's been fun to talk about the possibility of making the playoffs for the past week, but let's not forget we have to face a Baltimore team that shut us out a month ago. Ravens QB Steve McNair expects to play this Sunday. The good news is McNair won't be at 100% with his right hand injury. In an ideal world, he'll have trouble holding onto the ball leading to Pittsburgh takeaways. The bad news is McNair at 80% is still far better than Kyle Boller at 100%.

*If there's a team that desperately needs some extra time to practice and study film, it's the Seattle Seahawks. Unfortunately for them and for their legions of fans throughout the Northwest, windstorms have left the team without power.

*We desperately need the Miami Dolphins to beat the New York Jets on Christmas Day. Head Coach Nick Saban has declared Joey Harrington the starter , despite Joey being pulled from this week's game against the Bills. It's never good to have your hopes hinged on Joey Harrington, but let's be honest, he gives the Dolphins a better chance to win right now than does his replacement Cleo Lemon.

*Is it really a surprise that the Detroit Lions are so bad when members of their coaching staff behave like this?

*Articles like these are why I get frustrated by traditional newspapers. Where's the positivity and optimism??!??